NECO 2020 Result for Candidates who wrote in October/November is Out

NECO Result 2020: The National Examinations Council (NECO) 2020 October/November SSCE Result has been Released. See how to check yours below.

neco result june july 2019

The National Examinations Council (NECO) has released the 2020 October/November Senior Secondary Schools Certificate Examination results.

Update: The management of NECO has released the results of candidates who were affected by the #Endsars protest. Candidates can now check their results via the procedure below.

Note also: If you want us to help you get the NECO TOKEN, do the following. Pay N1,000 to our first bank account No (2035078696), account name is ALLSCHOOL. After payment send your payment name and what you paid for to 08093785476. You will get the token in less than 5minutes.


  1. #EndSARS: NECO announces date for make up test for candidates who missed exams
  2. 2020 SSCE: 33,470 candidates caught in malpractices, says NECO
  3. NECO deregisters schools, blacklists supervisors over malpractices

The steps below can be used to check the result online

How to Check the NECO Result 2020.

Please note that you NEED a NECO token to check the Results. See How to Buy NECO Token.

  1. Go to NECO result checking portal at
  2. Pick your exam year. i.e. 2020
  3. Pick your exam type, select SSCE Internal June/July
  4. Enter your Token Number and registration number in the appropriate columns.
  5. Finally, click on check result button to access your NECO result.

Note that when some candidates check their NECO Result they will see “NO CA3″. See why:

A No CA3 message means that a candidate’s CA3 was not uploaded. Candidates who have received this message while checking for their results will not be able to view their results.

If you have seen an error for “No CA3”, it is because your school did not upload your CA3, kindly go to your school and make further assistance.

Also, note that some candidates might see “result not released due to debt” when they check their NECO Result.

Meaning: You didn’t see your result because your state government is owing NECO. As soon as they pay their debt, you will see your result.


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John fab

Its has been release

John fab

Neco pls release the pending result


I really need the chemistry before Monday 10 of may
The has affected my admission


This is totally bad, how can the government come out and say the have released the resulted of the affected candidate during endsars while actually the results are still pending..please the should release our pending chemistry for us while this kind of injustice and in direct wickedess.Most of us have lost our admission because of this pending chemistry. please release our results and stop playing with our future


This is so bad the announced that they have released the result why actually the have not released the pending Chemistry result.
Why then did they say they have released it online why it’s pending.
Please what’s really happening,why is it that Neco officials or those in charge don’t want to release our chemistry.
The will tell the puplic another thing and act another thing .this is totally bad they should stop playing we are future we really need this result.please, release our chemistry result for us, letter know our stand😭😭

Adelodi Samuel

When is our neco pending chemistry result coming out please

Adelodi Samuel

Please when is our neco pending chemistry result coming out?


Please when will our Neco chemistry result be out


Pls is neco chemistry results out


Please when is our Neco pending chemistry result coming out?


Please when are they going to release the pending Chemistry result?😭😭
Neco why nah??


Please can you give us a confirmation that NECO has released the pending results? .
We really trust this site and we don’t want our trust to be betrayed by wasting our token on unreliable news .
Please help us confirm (just to be on a safe side

Nwafor chidimma marymagdalene

Is the pending neco results out

Ayoola oluwatosin

Pls is neco pending result out this Nigeria is bad since February

Ayoola oluwatosin

Pls is neco pending result out

Golit Hannah

After uploading my result on jamb portal I saw commerce listed amongnst the subjects l sat for and I didnt write commerce during my Neco exams.What does it implies?


Please,when will Neco release our pending Chemistry result?


neco officially stated that pending result is out and still we waste our token again because the result is still pending


This totally unfair and inhumane,up till now our pending Chemistry result is not yet out😢😭
Those at the top has failed us,Neco people has failed us,the country as well has failed us, there’s nothing good to describe of this country 😭😭

Victoria enak

I heard neco release the pending subject yesterday plz is it true??

Ibrahim Ahmed

Has economics and chemistry results been released?


I’m from Osun state is my state owning Neco?
Is pending chemistry officially out?


Is chemistry out

Balogun Fatimah

When is pending results we be out


Pls y is economics and commerce result not yet out

Abodunrin Ayanfe

plz tell me Wat to do and now my token is already link to another exam

Abodunrin Ayanfe

Plz I have cA3 not uploaded in my neco result I contact school but there say there have done the necessary thing but it still not showing need help


Neco please now🙏🙏


This is unfair…….. We need our chemistry result please, even if there is a problem you need to Inform us well we Al know you don’t care about us bit please this things are certain things we need to achieve in our life don’t deprive us from getting their, i personally sent an email to Neco support but the reply wasn’t good enough, it’s over 43 days we really need it for this year admission. Please hear us out
#necoreleaseourresult, #endnecobrutality, #necofornigeria


This is just frustrating I’m about to lose my admission for this year because of the wait for my Neco gce result it isn’t fair to work for something so hard and not see d outcome #Necoreleaseourresults


This absolutely the worst wickedness on Earth,we paid for an exam but the have decided to deprive us by not releasing the chemistry result we can’t even make use of our results.Most of us have lost our admission.God will never forgive those in charge of this Neco result for this wicked act if they didn’t release this chemistry result,they will surely suffer the consequences.what a country!!


Please can this page reach out to the neco body to find out why we’ve not gotten our pending results already? Because it’s really frustrating to not have the result of something you worked hard for, when you really need it for admission


Please is chemistry results out year 2020


Make una release chemistry na…I need it badly for admission or I won’t get it🥺🥺

Ajanaku Esther Oluwadamilola

When is neco releasing our 2020 neco chemistry results and what are things delaying it
Because it is hindering us from jamn registration?

Victoria enak

Plz Can we register for jamb without the pending subject

Christopher Joseph

Why hasn’t neco released chemistry and economics result knowing fully well that without those two subjects admission won’t be given depending on the course of study.


please,we be waiting for this chemistry, abeg u in the name to God release this chemistry now
u guys want us to lost our money ni
see Nigeria is a scam…..

zhokwo isaac

Please, when will our chemistry be released, we need it for admission. Jamb registration will soon close.

Abel Aghimien

is the pending result out

Grace Emma

Why haven’t neco released chemistry result till now, knowing fully well that your candidates are waiting to use it for admission? Why the delay? 43 days is already gone, pls I need answers


Please oo Neco people should release our chemistry result.
Is it now a crime to write Neco again.
Please ooo, release our results, let’s know our stand


When will the chemistry and economics be released

𝐾ℎ𝑎𝑑𝑖𝑗𝑎ℎ 𝑍𝑢𝑏𝑎𝑖𝑟

𝑃𝑙𝑒𝑎𝑠𝑒 𝑟𝑒𝑙𝑒𝑎𝑠𝑒 𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑐ℎ𝑒𝑚𝑖𝑠𝑡𝑟𝑦 𝑟𝑒𝑠𝑢𝑙𝑡𝑠. 𝑊𝑒 𝑛𝑒𝑒𝑑 𝑖𝑡

Blessing Ayotunde

Please when are they going to release the pending Chemistry result,We need it for Admission.plssssssss sir/ma.

Kolapo oladipupo

When will neco pending result be out


When will the neco chemistry practical 2020/2021 result be uploaded

Nwafor chidimma marymagdalene

Pls wen are they going to release the pending neco results???
I need it to gain admission into universities cus am tired of sitting at home


Pls sir when will they release the chemistry result
Moreso can I register for jamb with the chemistry result still pending


Neco why?
Why have you people decided to hold our chemistry result this long? Have we done bad thing by writing Neco?
Please release our result for us now let’s know our stand.
Please release our result ooo is more than 43days how many months now and yet our chemistry results are not yet out.
Please release our results let’s know our stand.

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