2021 UTME: How to get your JAMB Profile Code [Easy Step]

JAMB 2021 Registration: How to Easily Get your JAMB Profile Code for 2021 UTME Registration. We will also show you how to Correct Name in JAMB Profile and how to retrieve lost confirmation code.

How to create jamb profile

Starting 2021, JAMB introduced new method candidates can use to register for the JAMB UTME. Until now, candidates will have to create their profile manually (online) and then proceed to a jamb cbt center to complete registration.

But in 2021, candidates have to create a profile on jamb caps portal by sending their NIN to 55019. This method implies that the candidate’s name and phone number on their NIN will be the exact details on their JAMB profile.

Before we proceed, please note that the JAMB profile code is exactly the same thing as the JAMB Confirmation Code. You can only receive this code when jamb has confirmed your details.

See also: How to Register UTME/JAMB in Three easy Steps.

Candidates should note that JAMB will send all vital information to phone number used to create the profile. UTME candidates should also ensure they do NOT hand over their cellphone to any person/agent to create their profile or receive their confirmation code.

After sending the text message below, JAMB will send you a unique confirmation code. Upon receipt of your confirmation code, take the code with you to any selling point for sales of UTME form (Banks, Online Payments, Mobile money operators, etc.)

How to Create Profile for UTME 2021?

The easiest way to get your jamb profile code is by dialing *​55019*1*NIN# ie for eg *​55019*1*78786565434#

Alternatively, you can follow the procedure below:

  1. Every candidate would require the use of a unique phone (mobile) number (SIM) for the process of registration. The unique phone number can be used by one candidate only (Note: This number (SIM) remains your unique identification for all your transactions with the board.
  2. Candidate will send his/her National Identification Number (NIN) by text (SMS) to 55019 from his/her personal GSM number e.g write the word “NIN” then space and add your 11 digit NIN Number and send to 55019 in this format (NIN 00123456789). There should be a space between the word “NIN” and your 11 digit NIN (Note that the number must not have been used by another person to register for UTME/DE in the past)
  3. A Profile Code of 10 characters is received by the candidate on the same telephone (SIM) number
  4. The phone number used for the text message is automatically tied to the candidate’s 2021 application, Examination and Admission. CANDIDATES SHOULD NOTE AND ALWAYS REMEMBER THE SIM NUMBER USED, IT IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE FOR SUBSEQUENT COMMUNICATION WITH THE BOARD
  5. Candidate presents the profile code to the point of procurement of form (Banks, MMOs, MFBs, Switches, USSD Partners). The form- ePIN is then sent as text message to the candidates Phone number
  6. Candidate presents the ePIN at any JAMB accredited CBT Centre for registration
  7. The application cannot be completed until the candidate’s biometric (all ten fingers) are captured and photograph taken physically (No submission of passport photograph). Successful capture of biometrics and photograph will authorize a candidate to print his/her e-registration slip. The fingerprint shall be required for any further transaction with JAMB on the candidates’ profile.
  8. Only candidates whose biometrics verification is successful on examination day will be permitted to sit the UTME. No parent or any proxy is allowed to make any transaction on the candidates’ profile.
  9. Candidates with biometric challenges can only register at JAMB headquarters Abuja

(FREE COMPLAINT) TICKETING For ALL complaints on JAMB processes, candidates can create a support ticket at (support.jamb.gov.ng) with his/her email address registered on the Board’s site. The candidate then provides his/her name, phone number and the nature of issue, select a complaint area on a drop down and then summarize the nature of complaint. He/she may also attach supporting documents (if available) then send. Complaints from 3rd parties are merely noted. Letter writing is not encouraged. Rather all complaints should be channeled through the ticketing system for prompt attention and documentation.

For complaints relating to NIN (e.g a candidate sends a message to 55019 to create a profile but does not receive any response or receives wrong data, he/she can follow the same process on the ticketing and click on 2021 NIN related issues then select the related topic on the drop down).




Candidates and the public are to note that nobody can help with admission or upgrade of scores; they would only deceive and defraud those who patronize fraudsters.

Do you want to Receive Your Already Purchased UTME Pin?

UTME Candidates: To receive your already Purchased UTME PIN again, Send UTMEPIN as SMS from your unique GSM number to 55019. e.g. utmepin

Direct Entry candidates: To receive your already Purchased Direct Entry PIN again, Send DEPIN as SMS from your unique GSM number to 55019. e.g. depin.

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Myyounger brother is unable to receive his profife code and he has spent more than two thousand naira on this. Is there any other means?


Can I use another number to send my NiN number to Jamb other than the one written on the NIN slip

Agbo ifesinachi

I used many numbers that s not mine…and later bought my own sim but still s not sending my profile code since 2days now


I created my profile on jamb caps and I open a ew account and in the account i had registration profile code is it the same as my normal profile code. It is not the confirmation code that was sent to me but after I open the account and I log in I saw registration profile code. Is that the same as the profile code I would need to register for jamb?

Esinwoke Happiness

Good day Sir,
I’ve been sending my details to get my profile code but non still yet. Sent more than 30 SMS already, tried it with another Sim card but haven’t gotten any. Started trying it since Friday up till now….I need help please

Chukwumezie Adaeze

I urgently need my profile code please. I have done everything necessary. What else could be the problem? It hasn’t been sent since.
My NIN: 92766537215
My name: Chukwumezie Adaeze.
Thank you!


I used the same number I used last year to generate my profile code and it is the same as that of last year should I go on to use it?

Adedeji Florence

My son is unable to send his NIN to 55019 on his mobile phone

Odeh peter

My profile is not sent to me up till now
My number is 09021459273


Bro, I have created my profile from jamb website, they sent me a confirmation code instead of profile code… I want to ask, is the Confirmation Code the same with Profile code? Can I use that Confirmation Code to register for Jamb 2021?


Can I create my Jamb profile,or to get my Profile code and doing the main registration some days later.. maybe 5 days later


I repeated the same email I used for 2018 for 2020.now my profile is showing 2018 profile instead of 2020 profile

Orjiako chinelo

Pls my gmail I dnt ave access to it nd my password I forgot it,in d process I went to tamper with my jamb portal nd it writing invalid,wat will I do


I checked my result using my number, it was telling m my number has been used by another candidate on efacility


I checked my result using my old glo sim using 55019 and it sent a message that this gsm has already been used by another candidate on e-facility . Please what should I do ?


i did online payment, and it was successful
the bank debit me 4k, but i did not get the pin
what can i do pls

Abah Iyene Linda

I just purchased a new MTN sim properly registered by me and sent my name’s to the the code ans they said has already been used by another candidate on e facility please what do I do?

Ali kodilinye desmond

I sent my name but I have seen my profile code what should I do


I used a number to register for jamb in 2018 but did not get the admission and am using it again for 2020,please is it going to affect me?.


A confirmation code was sent to me but I couldn’t pay for jamb form on line. It says the code doesn’t exist. What do I do?

Abuh John

I sent my name since, and I have not gotten any response up til now. Help me send the profile code please. Thanks in anticipation.


My jamb profile is showing 2019 instead of 2020

Ajuwaghan orighomisan

I sent my name to the number since morning and the response I got was that my phone number has been used by another candidate.

Desmond Nwankwo

Pls i used d phone number dat i used in registering 2019 to generate d profile code for 2020 jamb. Please can i change d profile code

Esu Darlington

Please sir after getting my profile code what is the next thing to do am kind of confused here….


Good day sir
Please I’m kind of confuse at this junction.
I sent my name with 3 different sim
But have not received any code yet
How do I go about this ?


Hello, great job!
I had created a profile on the jamb website and got a code to go to the bank (I registered with my number) but unfortunately on getting to the bank to pay, an issue was encountered and another number was used to generate the e-pin. Now it’s like I have 2 numbers attached to my name. What do you advice I do?
I am yet to go to the CBT centre.

Many thanks in advance.

Ewedairo olusegun as-seed

I sent my own names to the unique number and I got no reply, so I had to proceed to jamb portal to create a profile, a 10 digit code was sent to my email and some minutes later another one was sent to my mobile number, now I have two different profile codes in my name, how do I know which one to use out of the two?


Please I have sent my names to the number 55019 since Friday n I am yet to receive any code
I had to resend my details this morning again
Please help me out


Pls i used my phone number for jamb in 2012 and got admission with it, and i want to register with it for jamb again for my second degree, i sent my name to the code number and I’ve not received any profile code confirmation. Pls Should i resend it or get a new sim?


Can someone who has use a phone no. before to register JAMB use it again to get profile code for registration.


Can someone who has use a no. before to register JAMB use it again to get profile code for registration.


Please how can I change my name, I made a mistake in sending text, I used first name instead of surname at first, Adamu Ahmed I used Ahmed Adamu, and I have completed the registration so what will I do now pls.

Dolor Peculiar-Favour .U.

I’ve sent all my details since on Tuesday and I’m yet to receive my profile code and the N50 service fee has been deducted twice from me.
What can I do.

Kuku marymagdaline

Please is jamb still using nin to register jamb plz

iwuolagbe smart

please I made a mistake on my name like this iwuolage smart ohiozoje instead of this iwuolagbe smart ohiozoje and I have send the correct name with the same number since yesterday and I have not still received the code again please I can I correct my mistake please.


Please I have just two names and JAMB is not accepting it.
what do I do because I used it in my WAEC.

Ugwuoti victor

Please i have used 2 sim to send my names to jamb due to lack of impatience and i haven’t receive any confirmation sms


but what if I don’t remember my profile code and I lost my unique number which cannot be retrieved


my UTME pin isn’t working. Dear Chigbu chiamaka ., Your Profile Code is 2055155364 and Your 2019 UTME PIN is 124348453422760 purchased from UNITY


Hello. And Bye.

omokungbe yemisi Faith

please can someone who had used his/her profile code to purchased UTME and E-pin,can still change the name when he/she has not been registered.

omokungbe yemisi Faith

please can someone who had used his/her profile code to purchased UTME and E-pin,can still change the name when he/she has not been registered

bayode blessing vicent

I which to buy direct entry pin but mistakenly buy utme pin on remits ..how can I change it or any solution for that.pls


It takes how many hour for jamb to send the code


Please, do I need to open a new Gmail? Or can I make use of my existing gmail?


Sir, is there need to send your name to JAMB code after you have gotten confirmation code from JAMB portal app
please urgently need answer


Pls sir I forgot my password to my gmail I use in the registration for jamb and my phone got formatted. How can I get access to my jamb code cos I need to do change of institution and course


I have gotten the profile code utme pin and registered and even thumb printed but the problem is that i haven’t received any message concerning my registration number on my email or my jamb registration at all Is there a way to view it with my profile code cause i have tried the efacility but it shows invalid email or password Help please


I created my jamb profile through via SMS still, I can’t login to my jamb profile

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