How to check if your O’level Result has been Uploaded on JAMB CAPS Portal [UPDATED]

Wondering how to confirm if your result has been uploaded on JAMB Portal? Worry know more because we will show you how to check if your O’level Result has been uploaded on JAMB CAPS Portal. THIS PAGE HAS BEEN UPDATED.

check O'level result on jamb portal

Following the directives from Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), no candidate with awaiting O’level (WAEC, NECO, NABTEB) result will be admitted into any tertiary institution in Nigeria.

It’s therefore essential that candidates Upload their O’level result on JAMB CAPS Portal.

Update: We have confirmed that you can now check if your result is on JAMB CAPS portal. See how to check it below.

In this page, we will show you how to check if your O’level (WAEC / NECO / NABTEB) is on JAMB CAPS Portal. Before we proceed, please note that as at the time of updating this page, JAMB is yet to upload the result of 2020/2021 session to the JAMB CAPS portal.

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How to check if your O’level Result has been uploaded on JAMB CAPS Portal

Using Mobile Phone

  • Step One: Go to,
  • Step Two: At the top right of your screen, click the three-dot (as displayed in the image below)
    upload o'level result on jamb portal
  • Step three: Click on “Desktop site” (as indicated in the image below)
    upload waec result on jamb portal
  • Step four: Login with your username and password.
  • Step Five: Scroll down then locate and click the ‘Check Admission Status‘ tab.
  • Step Six: Then click on Admission Status,
  • Step Seven: You should then click on check admission status and enter your JAMB Registration number if it’s not there already
  • Step Eight: Click on Access my CAPS.
  • Step Nine: Then click on My O’level
  • Step Ten: If you result is on JAMB Portal, you will see your grades as indicated in the image above.
  • Step Eleven: If your result is not on the JAMB Portal, you will A/R in your grades. If that’s your case, hurry to a nearby JAMB CBT CENTER and upload yours. Else you won’t be offered admission

Using Desktop Computer / Laptop

  • Step 1: Visit,
  • Step 2: Login in with your username(e-mail) and password.
  • Step 3: Scroll down then locate and click the ‘Check Admission Status‘ tab.
  • Step 4: Then click on Admission Status,
  • Step 5: You should then click on check admission status and enter your JAMB Registration number if its not there already.
  • Step 6: Click on Access my CAPS.
  • Step 7: Then click on My O’level
  • Step 8: If you result is on JAMB Portal, you will see your grades as indicated in the image above.
  • Step 9: If your result is not on the JAMB Portal, you will A/R in your grades. If that’s your case, hurry to a nearby JAMB CBT CENTER and upload yours. Else you won’t be offered admission

FAQ on Uploading O’level Result on JAMB CAPS Portal

I wanted to access my CAPS to check whether my waec result documents have been uploaded but this message “not eligible” pops up Every time.

Results for 2020/ 2021 candidates have not been uploaded yet.

Is Jamb Re-uploading of WAEC or NECO Result Compulsory

Yes it is Compulsory, as it is one of the requirement to gain admission this year.

I Checked My Result but I didn’t See my Exam Number. Please what should I do?

No need to worry as its not a problem. According to JAMB Support, it will be updated.

When is Jamb Re-uploading of WAEC or NECO Result to JAMB Portal Going to End?

As stated by JAMB, there is no exact deadline for re-uploading of the O’Level results to JAMB portal. All applicant are to be notified that the deadline will be schedule by the institution itself.

Can someone who has used a result during registration replace the result with another one

Yes, it is possible. the previous result detail will be deleted upon login.

I’m on the issue of my examination number, all were intact except for the number, I hope it is not a problem or does that mean I have to re upload again

It is not a problem. Just ignore it.

Is JAMB Re-uploading of NECO or WAEC result for everybody.

It is compulsory if you used awaiting result during the UTME Registration

I tried checking mine but saw YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO USE THIS SERVICE. Why

Lately some candidates started seeing this message when they try checking the result on JAMB Portal. The best solution is checking back later. Maybe 2 or 3 weeks. It will be resolved!!!

I have uploaded my O’level Result but I am still seeing AR. Why?

If you are sure you have uploaded your result but still seeing ‘AR’ or its equivalent, then you should check back after few weeks. By then JAMB must have updated the CAPS.
If problem persist, please revisit the JAMB CBT Center and tell them to delete previous result and re-upload it. It should reflect immediately.

If you have any question, feel free to ask us using the comment box below.

Thank you so much for reading this article, we really do appreciate. We hope you loved it, if you did, please share this page with your friends via the share buttons below. Sharing is caring.

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Please i uploaded my jamb result but in one of the grades of my subjects a different grade from what i got was put mistakenly .Hope it would not affect me

Last edited 1 day ago by Jedidiah
Bara'atu Yusuf

Good day sir please I need help I haven’t uploaded my o’level results on jamb caps yet and my choice of school have start releasing their admission list can I still do it today and still get admission


Please help,I uploaded my o level yesterday but can access my cap, while my admission is in process


Good day sir after my Olevel result was uploaded since around January I logged into my jamb caps and saw nothing was there so I clicked on the refresh button and they came out asper my subjects and some others but the grades were still showing awaiting results (A/R) and I did this about 3 days ago and my results were changed from awaiting the time I went to the center in January to my grades and I was handed a print out so please what do you think I should do

Kofoworola hassan

Pls why can’t I access my caps while my admission is in process


I uploaded my results ND it’s showing AR I’ve gone to jamb CBT center to reupload, it’s still showing the same thing, I asked the guy to delete the result ND reupload he did but it’s still showing AR, what do I do


I have uploaded my O’level result,but only 5 subject were there


On my JAMB 2021 registration,I haven’t upload my result. They use A/R for me. Please,is there any solution to it or which exact time I can go and upload my result or can I go to JAMB center immediately after registration finished.


I have been selected via school portal, but was told to upload my o level result which has been showing or reflecting already on my jamb portal.and whenever I check my jamb portal it has been showing not admitted please what should I do


I just recieved a message frm the school that I have been given admission and am to upload my o level result on jamb portal within a week so as they could propose me to jamb however, I have uploaded it beforehand and I checked my jamb portal which proved it is there,so am I too re upload it ?because my jamb is still showing not admitted. What to do?


I uploaded my o’level 4 days ago but my school already release admission list in which I was admitted.But my jamb caps still showing not admitted, please when will that change and will jamb calculate my results again for admission or relook at the list sent from school


I just upload my WAEC results yesterday and jamb has given some of my friends admission can i still get admitted because I meet up the cut off mark

Ezika Eucharia

I uploaded my of level results but the results am seeing there now are not mine and its A/R ,please what can I do?

Dominion Ehiabhi

After uploading my waec result some time ago, I recently went on my portal to check but the response I got is that I didn’t register for the examination. Why please?

Ajani roheemat yetunde

Can jamb give a student admission with 176?

Ajani roheemat yetunde

Have uploaded my waec results on jamb portal and it has reflect but my jamb caps is still bringing not yet addmitted please y


Can you still get admission if you upload your waec wen ur school have already started giving admission


Please can someone who is having A/R still upload/update it now that schools have started giving admission? Where can I do it please?


Please the person that help me upload my waec results on jamb portal made a mistake inputting my waec exam number, please Is this a problem and how can I correct it?


I uploaded two sittings result during jamb registration and later made my neco and went to reupload my neco result two subjects of my past waec is still reflecting on my jamb caps making it eleven subject instead of nine subject what should I do


All my result was showing except my physics. so, I went back to reupload it to jamb caps and its still not reflecting on my portal


If I get transferred to another course do I need to do Change of course to the new course?


I reuploaded my result on jamb portal but later on I found out that three subjects I didn’t right reflected on my result and was graded awaiting result making it 11subjects in total bt the main subjects I wrote are there only the three I never registered,wat should I do?😥


Hi please I just reupload to us jamb portal but it is not yet reflecting on It please why is that


If I uploaded my results to jamb portal, will it automatically update my Application form on my University’s site?


Hi I uploaded my olevel result on jamb caps but when I gained admission the school ask me to upload my result to jamb caps so I decided to upload it and the school is still saying I should upload. Even I have given admission on caps


Hi I uploaded my result on jamb caps but when I gained admission the school ask me reupload it so I decided to reupload it and the result is showing on caps but the school is still asking me to reupload it

Last edited 1 month ago by Bibitayo

Hi I I got admission since last week which I was told to upload my o level results and change my course I upload my o level results that day but later find out I lost my sim to change my course I have been going to jamb office since last week which they just addend to me yesterday and I have been checking my jamb cap since yesterday if I will see my admission there but nothing I just want to ask how long does it take Am I Checking too early please can you explain to my my… Read more »


I can’t access my jamb caps. It’s showing me welcome and nothing else. I don’t know how to upload my o level results please I need help.


There was a mistake in my one of my O level subjects, I paid a CBT centre to help me correct it, but it has not yet reflected in my caps. How long do I have to wait for it to reflect. Please

Olabisi Otubanjo

was sent a transfer offer jamb to either accept or reject the offer,in which i have accepted but couldn’t do change of course because have done change of institution/course 3 times.please what can i do because have been able to pay on jamb portal but OTP didn’t come sir

Antigha Mkpang Cobham

Please how can I access my jamb portal through my phone?

Okafor Mmesomachukwu Juliet

Hello sir, I reupload my o’ level result but it is still showing A/R, what could be the cause.


I have uploaded my result but I am still seeing A/R and I am being given admission is that possible?
But whenever I check my status it always state NOT ADMITTED

Sarah Sunday

Hello, Pls I applied to Uniabuja with a score of 231 but i was not offered admission. They said my O level results gave me a lower mark in post UMTE. However, I have another O level result which i didnt initially include in the registration. Is it possible to combine the two results at this stage?


Is it still necessary to upload the o’levels on kaymb caps after it has been uploaded on he school’s portal

Ernest nari

hello sir. i just noticed my result has not been uploaded in caps and the school i applied for have started given out admission.i hope it wont affect my admission even if i upload it tomorrow


Pls i just checked in my jamb caps,,couldnt find my physic exam,i went to a cyber cafe they reuploaded it buh it hasnt reflect yet


I uploaded my result and it is showing m seven instead of nine. due to the protest I did not finish my exams on time ans the ones yet to be uploaded are the awaiting ones. What do I do?


I don’t know my results has not been uploaded on jamb portal until they started giving out admission when I upload it,pls can I still be given admission.🙏🙏


Its showing 14 subjects instead of 9 buh the nine has my exam number while the rest doesnt,they are showing A/R


I uploaded my o’level but it contains other result as well as my result also so shuf I just leave it that way or will it affect my admission


I am still seeing A/R in my waec on my jamb portal
Can I still re-upload the result ,as the admission process has started


The email address used in jamb or let me used in jamb portal I can’t access the email in my phone it says invalid password but it it works on jamb portal I tried using the email in school portal it kept saying invalid password.I had to open a new email address for the school portal and add all my details in it.I hope it doesn’t affect

Oluwatosin samuel

Another question is that I wrote eng, literature, crs and government in jamb
I want to study peace and conflict resolution
So I don’t use literature in my screening because I have d7 in literature and is minor
Major subject required in my screening is math, eng and gov
I don’t choose lit so I want to ask maybe have not chose wrong subject combination


My email address with it password used in jamb I can’t access it through my phone but it usually works on jamb site I tried doing it in the school site it couldn’t go through I had to open another email address for the school site does it affect


In my utme subject combination english is not included in the jamb cap I wrote english I hope it doesn’t affect them giving me admission

Oluwatosin samuel

I used two sitting before which is waec and neco
But I later went to re upload to one sitting which is waec alone but presently is still showing one subject in neco making 10 subject and have re upload in jamb portal like 5 times
Pls what should I do


Since Saturday my admission status had been showing ask soon in progress.i don’t understand and my university has not given me admission and my mates are about to write exams…..
My uploaded result is not showing too.


I have re-uploaded my O’level result recently but it’s still showing A/R
But when I check my admission status, it’s shows ” Admission is in progress check back later
Please is it ok?

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