How to Check Name on NYSC 2021 Batch ‘B’ Senate List

Verify name on NYSC 2021 Batch B Senate List.

We are pleased to inform the public especially all prospective corps members (2021 Batch B set) that the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) portal to verify the senate list or academic board list for all institutions have been activated. Checking name on the NYSC portal is 100% free!

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Hot to Verify Name on NYSC 2020 Batch A Senate List

Prospective Corps Members are to follow the simple step by step guide below;

  1.  Visit the NYSC registration portal via the following website
  2. Select your Institution (i.e School you graduated from),
  3. Enter your Matriculation Number and Surname in the spaces provided,
  4. Select your Date of birth,
  5. Click the SEARCH button to access the mobilization list.

NOTE: If you cant find your name on the senate list or error list try this hack.

After Selecting your institution on the portal, on the box for matriculation number just type 1 then your surname and date of birth, it will be displayed if there is mix up or mobilized.


  • Visit the NYSC registration portal via the following website
  • Select Batch i.e 2021 Batch ‘B’
  • Select Your Programme
  • Select your Institution (i.e School you graduated from),
  • Select Your Course (Course Offered)
  • Click the EXTRACT PCM button to access the senate mobilization list.


  • You can use the available search space (at the top of the status column) to quickly search your name on the list. 
  • The status column will show YET TO REGISTER when you have not done the NYSC Registration and will display REGISTERED for students who have completed the NYSC Online Registration process.

Prospective corps members are to contact their school for any issues concerning the upload.


All Prospective Corps Members who have not seen their names on the senate list on the NYSC portal, can revisit the senate list and see the reason why their Institutions could not upload their records.

You are advised to visit NYSC Registration Portal scroll down to important information, then click the link ” check senate list or it equivalents ” and fill your details.
After viewing the error, PCMs should endeavor to solve the indicated problem.


All prospective corps members who paid for the online registration during the previous NYSC batch Mobilization process but were not mobilized need not to pay again.

‘Registration for Re-mobilization’ is required only for corps members that have been mobilized in a previous NYSC batch but absconded from service.

In order to ensure a seamless registration, prospective corps members are to note the following for strict compliance.

The Website address is any of the following:

Prospective Corps members should ensure that they have functional e-mail addresses that they can access and Nigerian (GSM) telephone numbers with which to register.

Locally trained prospective Corps members are expected to use correct Matriculation numbers to register.

For locally-trained graduates, only those whose names appear in the Senate/ Academic Board Approved Result lists submitted by their Institutions will have access to the register on the NYSC portal.

Foreign-trained prospective corps members should ensure that their Institutions are accredited. Where in doubt, it is their responsibility to approach Federal Ministry of Education for verification.

The letter of verification must be uploaded during registration.

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Good morning my is enquiries. Is national open university among the mobilized NTSC list?


Please my name is on the Senate list for NYSC Batch C, but I have not received Jamb regularization approval. Can’t find my name on the matriculation list.

Megwuonye Emmanuel emeka

My name is in the Senate list but the status said I cannot register because my jamb does not exist,but I have jamb admission letter what will be the problem?


My name is on senate list but I can’t register cause it’s showing school has not submitted hard copy

Udekwe Justina chinasaa

I can’t find my name


I can’t access year on the list to check for my record


I can’t access the senate list. The year isn’t opening for me to search for my record

Okoroagu Obiageli Perpetua

My name is on the school mobilisation list but I still can’t register cause am seeing no record found.

Okoroagu Obiageli Perpetua

Am still seeing no record found while checking the Senate list


My name is on institution list but not on Senate list, what will I do, because I can’t register..?

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