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Notice to all UNN Aspirants for 2020/2021 Session

Notice to all UNN Aspirants for 2020/2021 Session. We will discuss some terms you need to get familiar with.

To avoid confusion, take note of the meaning of the following terms:

UNN MINIMUM AGGREGATE SCORE: This is the minimum aggregate score an aspirant must score before he or she can be considered for admission into any department. If you do not meet this score, you will not be offered admission into any department. Even if you purchase the shopping form or work the admission. Last session (2019/2020) minimum aggregate score was 200.

UNN POST UTME CUT OFF MARK : This cut off mark is decided after all post UTME results are out. Also if you did not reach this score, no matter your jamb score, YOU WILL NOT BE ADMITTED. Last session (2019/20) post utme cut-off mark was 180.

UNN MERIT CUT-OFF MARK: Each courses usually have a different cut-off mark. Any candidate who reaches the merit cut-off mark will gain admission.

Let me explain further;

You see that your post utme result, there’s a score known as the aggregate score. take note of it.

When departmental cut-off mark comes out and I say the cut-off mark for medicine is 320, What you will check is your aggregate score. If the score is greater than or equals to the 320, then YOU WILL BE ADMITTED.

UNN Catchment Cut-off Mark for a Course: Prior this post, I have talked about catchment area. This is/are states close to the University. If UNN Merit cut-off mark for a course is 300, the catchment cut-off mark might be 296.

RECOMMENDED: UNN Departmental Cut-off Mark.

UNN ELDS cut-off mark: This cut-off mark is for candidates from Educationally Less Developed States in Nigeria. States like Kaduna, Kano, Bauchi, etc. Their cut-off mark is usually lower than that of merit and catchment.

UNN SUPPLEMENTARY / SHOPPING FORM: This form is released after MERIT ADMISSION list is out.

At this point, School will publish available courses for it while you choose out of the courses.

Only candidates who reached the POST UTME CUT-OFF MARK and AGGREGATE CUT-OFF MARK are usually invited to buy the form.

STAFF QUOTA FORM: This form is only for candidates whose Parents are currently UNN STAFF. If your parents have retired,the quota have expired.It is one of recent developments.

SORTING ADMISSION: Let me pretend you don’t know, it means paying for admission. In this case, even if you did not reach your department’s MERIT cut-off mark, YOU CAN STILL GAIN ADMISSION IN SUPPLEMENTARY LIST(S).

Yea, sometimes some people are SCAMMED, but its also 100% true that some persons GAIN admission THROUGH SORTING (paying).

You just have to meet the RIGHT (GENUINE) person.

The next question is, DO I KNOW THE RIGHT PERSON. If I should give you a simple answer, YES (and the person is 100%).

By the way, remember that you must reach the University’s minimum post utme and aggregate cut-off mark!


I tried explaining this in the simplest form and I believe you understand. Well if you don’t use the comment box on this page to ask.


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Benjamin gospel

I scored 280.5 as aggregate for medicine and surgery.And I had shopped for med lab still optimistic that my name will come out in the second list.will my admission into medicine be affected if paradventure my name comes out in the list???

Benjamin gospel

I scored 280.5 as aggregate for medicine and surgery.And I had shipped for med lab still eiptimistic that my name will come out in the second list.will my admission into medicine be affected if paradventure my name comes out


Is there any chance for me to get pharmacy with 281 jamb and 293 post utme aggregate 287, 🙏please is there any chance for me


Please 🙏I had 221 in my aggregate for theatre art please will I be able to get admission to any other course and please has the 2020/2021 department cutoff marks out yet


When is the shopping shopping form going to be out?

Virginia Felix

Is it possible to change course after post utme


I got 230 in jamb and 300 in post utme.can I get admission into law in University of Nigeria, nsukka


Good day sir/ma, I got 230 in my jamb and 300 in my post utme.can I possibly get admission into unn


Is ur aggregate combination of both jamb and post utme score?

Felix Ogberahwe

There is absolute transparency in the admission process. the way everyone is carried along in terms of catchment and ELDS ares is something to write home about. I am impressed.

Ogechi Ezurueme

for the catchment unn cut off, does it mean if you are from one of those states and u get the catchment score not the merit does it mean you will gain admission? lets take for instance you are from imo state. Then unn merit cut off for maybe radiography is 300. then the catchment cut off for imo state is 296, and your average score is 296. will you gain admission as long as you are from imo state?

Ogechi Ezurueme

please what is the cut off for economics this year?

Onah joy mmesoma

Unn departmental cut off mark for education chemistry 2019/2020 academic session


My aggregate score is 260 while pol sci is 250,but my name is not in the list that was released
What should i do

Lucas mor

I m mixup here….does it mean that yoruba states have no state cutoff….mostly radiography…..pls help….#i from afar #oduduwa

Lucas mor

from osun state ….radiography aggr is 288….any hope and their state cutoff

Solomon A.

Pls. What’s the cut-off mark for Marketing?

agu victor

220 aggregate score,any hope of admision?.computer science


When will admission list come out?


Pls why does delta state not hv its own cut off mark for some courses

Okumpu Valentine obinna

You guys said last Last year (2018) minimum aggregate score was 200. What about this year’s aggregate score

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