UI Convocation Fee Payment & Gown Collection for 2020 graduands

The University of Ibadan (UI) Convocation Fee Payment & Gown Collection for 2020 Graduands.

The management of the University of Ibadan (UI) congratulates graduands on the successful completion of their course in the University. Graduation is a very important aspect of your life.

RECOMMENDED: UI Convocation Programme of Events.

Therefore, please read this notice very carefully:

UI Convocation Fee & Gown Collection Notice to 2020 Graduands

We congratulate graduands on the successful completion of their programmes in the University. Graduation is a very important milestone of your life. Therefore, please read this notice very carefully:

  1. Attendance at the International Conference Centre is opened to graduands only. Parents and visitors are not allowed into the campus neither will there be any form of partying or social gathering during the period. All graduands are to comply with COVID-19 protocols, including wearing of face masks, physical distancing and use of hand sanitizer.
  2. Parents, guardians and visitors are to log on to connect to the Convocation proceedings using any of the following links: www.ui.edu.ng
    Zoom – Meeting ID: 975 1606 8150 Passcode: 996619
    Youtube and Facebook – University of Ibadan 2020 Convocation Ceremonies
  3. Graduands are expected to collect academic outfits before the Ceremony, after presenting the receipt of payment for the following:
    1. Hiring of Undergraduate Academic outfit – N3,000 (Three Thousand Naira only).
    2. Hiring of Master’s Academic outfit – N3,000 (Three Thousand Naira only).
    3. Purchase of Ph.D Academic outfit – N25,200 (Twenty Five Thousand, Two Hundred Naira only).
    4. School fees containing the appropriate Graduation Levy for Diploma/Certificate, First Degree and Higher Degree.
    5. Separate receipt of N1,000.00 (One Thousand Naira only) for the University of Ibadan Alumni Association (UIAA) Membership levy. The levy of N1,000.00 (One Thousand Naira only) must be paid to the Alumni Office.
    6. All graduands are expected to pay the levies as stipulated whether or not they attend the Convocation Ceremonies.
  4. Graduands should follow the steps listed below to pay for Hiring of Academic Outfits as listed in (3) above.
    1. Log on to www.remita.net
    2. Click on ‘pay FGN and State TSA’
    3. Click on ‘FGN’: Federal Government of Nigeria
    4. Locate University of Ibadan -1000107
    5. Select Service Type: University of Ibadan Fees
    6. Choose Hiring of Academic Gown Fee
    7. Enter the amount, narratives for the payment i.e. being payment for Hiring of Academic Gown
    8. Fee for 2020 Graduation
    9. Generate Remita Retrieval Reference invoice Pay online with your ATM Card or Print out the Remita Retrieval Invoice to make cash payment in any commercial bank of choice
    10. Print out online Receipt of payment (indicating the name of bank ATM used for online transaction) and present to the Treasury Office of the University to collect the University receipt
    11. Present the Remita Retrieval Invoice and the bank teller used for cash payment to the Treasury Office of the University to collect University Receipt
  5. Graduands are expected to pay a refundable deposit of N500.00 (Five Hundred Naira) only to their respective Faculty Officers for the academic outfits.
  6. Academic outfits, Notices and Order of Proceedings (if available) will be issued on the presentation of appropriate receipts, at the graduands’ respective Faculties and Postgraduate College, as the case may be. Please note that Academic Outfits will not be distributed at the Convocation venue.
  7. Academic outfits should be returned not later than 48 hours after the Ceremony. Failure to do so will attract a surcharge of N500.00 (Five Hundred Naira) only per day.
  8. Any damage done/caused to the convocation outfit/gown attracts a surcharge of N6,000 for the gown, N3,000 for the hood and N3,000 for the cap as the case may be.
  9. Graduands who fail to return the academic outfit will have their certificates withheld until they fulfill the above requirement.
  10. Robing of graduands will commence at 7.00 a. m. on each day at the venue of the ceremony.

Therefore graduands are advised to be at the International Conference Centre at 7.00 a.m. on each day to ensure that they are properly robed.

Please note that graduands who are not properly robed will not be allowed into the main hall. Rather, they will be expected to sit in the Gallery. The Faculty Officers would be seated with graduands of their Faculty to ensure orderliness during the ceremony.

The tassels (cord) of the caps should be worn to the right for First Degree Graduands and they will be required to move the tassels from the right to the left, at a point in time during the Ceremony, when the Vice-Chancellor declares: “I admit you all”. This signifies their admission into the body of Graduates of the University of Ibadan. Higher Degree recipients should wear their tassels to the left since they are already First Degree Holders.

11. Please note that there will be no hand shake with the ViceChancellor. Female graduands are expected to courtesy, while male graduands will bow but should not remove their caps.

12. Female graduands are requested to hold their caps in place with hair pins.

13. Graduands are to enter International Conference Centre through the back gate. They shall move in a Procession at 8.15 a.m. into the Hall on each day.

14. Graduands in each Faculty are expected to be seated in the section provided for them in the Hall.
Graduands who are nursing mothers are to be seated in the gallery for their own convenience.

15. Graduation ceremony is a solemn occasion. Graduands are therefore expected to maintain a solemn atmosphere throughout the programme.

16. Graduands are expected to stand when the Academic Procession enters/leaves the Hall and when the National Anthem/University Anthem are being sung or played. Graduands are requested to please be orderly and wait till the end of the Ceremony.

17. For acceptable format of dressing for the ceremony, please visit the University of Ibadan website (www.ui.edu.ng).

18. Graduands should note that convocation ceremony is a solemn one. Therefore, movement in and out of the hall during the ceremony will not be allowed.

Thank you.

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