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Physics-Chem-Bio JAMB Similar Questions for UTME

Physics, Biology and Chemistry JAMB Similar Questions for UTME Candidates. This is for candidates who are prepared for the 2020 UTME and want to test their ability.

Physics-Chem-Bio JAMB Similar Questions for UTME

This page is for candidates who want to write Biology, Physics, and Chemistry, in the JAMB UTME.

It is a page that we will help you test how prepared you are for the UTME Exam schedule to commence on March 14th.

When you are ready, click on the start button below to test your knowledge in the aforementioned subjects.


You have 45 minutes to complete this competition. The competition will end automatically when the time elapses.


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In which of the following groups of plants fruit is the pericarp inseparable from the
seed coat?

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In a typical predator food chain involving secondary and tertiary consumers. The
organisms become progressively?

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A given volume of methane diffuses in 20s. How long will it take the same volume of sulphur (iv) oxide to diffuse under same conditions? (C=12, H=1, S=32, O=16)

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Which of the following is the correct order of decreasing activity of the metals?

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The following substances are non-electrolytes except?

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Powered marble reacts faster with hydroelectric acid solution than the granular form
because the powered form has?

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A food web is more stable than a food chain because?

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In blood transfusion, agglutination occurs when

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The defect of the eye lens which occurs as a result of weak ciliary muscle is called?

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The soil types that contains nutrients which are not readily available for plants is?

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A machine whose efficiency is 75% was used to lift a load of 100N. If the velocity
ratio of the machine is 4, calculate the effort applied.

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The part of the mammalian brain responsible for maintaining balance is?

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Benzene produces more soot than ethane on burning because benzene

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Chlorine consisting of two isotopes of mass number 35 and 37 has n atomic mass of 35.5. The relative abundance of the isotope with mass number 37 is?

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In man, the ability to roll tongue is variation classified as?

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A spring of force constant 500N/m is compressed such that its length shortens by
5cm. The energy stored in the spring is?

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After three half life, the fraction of a radioactive material that has decayed is?

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If the cost of electricity required to 1g of magnesium is N5.00, how much would it cost to deposit 10g of aluminium?

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Water retention is highest in soils which are rich in?

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2.0g of a monobasic acid was made up to 250cm3 with distill water. 25.0cm3 of this solution required 20.0cm3 of 0.1M NaOH solution for complete neutralization. The molar mass of the acid is?

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which of the following makes convex mirror useful as a driving mirror? (i) the image
is real (ii) the image is erect (iii) it has wide field of views (iv) the image I magnified.

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The problem of using air as respiratory medium is that it?

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What property of duralumin makes it more useful than its constituent metals?

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A pair of compounds that can be used to generate a gas which has physiological effect
on human beings is?

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The main function of blood in the mammals is to transport?

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Chlorine, bromine and iodine resemble each other in that all

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What current in amperes will deposit 2.7g of aluminium in 2hrs? (Al=27, F=96500).

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A body of mass travelling at 4.2m/s collides with a second body of mass 18kg at rest.
Calculate their common velocity if the two bodies coalesce after collision.

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A house has ten 40w and five 100w bulbs. How much will it cost the owner of the
house to keep them 10hours if the cost of unit is N5.

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Atomic bomb operates under

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Which of the following pairs of substance are hygroscopic

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The velocity ratio of a machine is 5 and its efficiency is 75%. What efforts would be
needed to lift a load of 150N with the machine?

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Evidence that a tooth is a living part of the mammalian body can be found within the?

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Where in the islet of langherhans is insulin produced?

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Which of the following pairs of colours gives widest separation in the spectrum of
white light?

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The maximum permissible current through a galvanometer G of internal resistance 10
ohms is 0.05A. A resistance R is used to covert G into voltmeter with a maximum
leading of 100v. Find the value of R and how it is connected to G.

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TO convert a galvanometer to a voltmeter, a

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The heat produced in a conductor carrying electric current is?

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A current of 0.5A flowing for 3hrs deposits 2g of a metal during electrolysis. The quantity of the metal that would be deposited by a current of 1.5A flowing for 1hr is?

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The behavioural adaptation in social insect could best be described as?

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When excess chlorine is mixed with ethene at room temperature, the product is?

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Which of the following statement is correct about a long sited boy who does not put
on glasses?

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A gas occupies 30.0dm3

at S.T.P. What volume will it occupy at 91o

c and 380mmHg?

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If a solution contains 4.9g of H2SO4, calculate the amount of CuO that will react with it? (Cu=64, O=16, S=32, H=1)

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A device that convert sound wave into electrical energy is?

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What is the oxidation number of nitrogen in Al(NO3)3?

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Organisms I, II, III and IV have surface area/volume ratio of 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, and 1:5
respectively. The organism that is likely to have the most complex transport system

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What is the Kelvin equivalent of 45o

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Which is the correct order of water loss from the leaf?
1) Mesophyll 2) Veins 3) Substomatal cavity 4) Stomata.

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In which of the following field is repulsion not experience?

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The cell of an onion bulb can be differentiated from a chick cell by the presence of ?

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Oil spillage in ponds and creeks can be cleaned up by?

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In which of the following does a single cell perform all the function of movement,
nutrition, growth, excretion and photosynthesis?

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Exhaled air differ from inhaled air in that it

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Solubility curve shows the variation of solute concentration with?

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Moving from left to right across a period, the general rise in the first activation energy
can be attributed to the

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An arrow of mass 0.1kg moving with a horizontal velocity 15m/s is shot into a
wooden block of mass 0.4kg lying at rest on a smooth horizontal surface. Their
common velocity after impact is?

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The densities of two gases X and Y are 2.5gdm-3 and 10.0gdm-3 respectively. What s
the rate of diffusion of X relative to Y?

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Which of the following substances has the lowest vapour density?

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The gas that gives brown colouration in brown ring test is?

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A stone Q is thrown with a velocity u at an angle of 75଴
to the horizontal. Another
stone R is thrown with the same velocity u, but at an angle of 15଴
to the horizontal the
ranges covered by the stone will be?

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Osmotic acid boiled with a solution of food substance gave a black precipitate. This
indicates the presence of?

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A good electric cell should have which of the following?

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Equal masses of copper and rubber are rubbers are raised to the same temperature.
After sometime the copper was observed to be at lower temperature because?

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The gas responsible for fatal explosions in coal mines is

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A force F is required to keep a 5kg mass moving round a cycle of radius 3.5m at a
speed of 7m/s. what is the speed, if the force is tripled?

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The major difference between a pure semiconductor and a pure metal is?

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In dry Leclenche cell, it is made up of zinc rod wile in wet Leclenche is?

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A ball of mass 100g falls from a height of 5m into a concrete floor and rebound to a
height of 3m. Calculate the energy lost. (g=10m/s2).

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The fundamental frequency of a plucked wire under a tension of 400N is 250Hz.
When the frequency is changed to 500Hz at constant length, what will be the tension
in the string?

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Which of the following is not involved in the extraction of metals from their ores?

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In an attempt to remove sugar from a beaker containing a quantity of sand and sugar, 2M ammonium chloride solution was accidentally added instead of water. Which of the following methods could be used to remove ammonium chloride from the mixture?

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In a pure semiconductor, the number of electrons in the conduction band is?

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The association in which one benefits and the other is relatively unaffected by the
interaction is termed?

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Which of the following substances is used as gaseous fuel?

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A 120V, 60W lamp is to be operated on 220V A.C supply mains. Calculate the value
of non-inductive resistance that would be required to ensure that the lamp is run on
correct value?

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i) density of the liquid , ii) acceleration due to gravity, iii) type of the container of
the liquid, iv) the constituents of the liquid. Which of the above conditions will not
affect the pressure of fluid?

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A certain source emits radiation that was found to be deflected by both magnetic and
electric fields. The radiation is?

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NO (g) + CO (g) → N2 (g) + CO2 (g) ∆H= -89.3KJ. What conditions would favour maximum conversion of Nitrogen (ii) oxide and Carbon (ii) oxide in the reaction above?

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The total length of a spring when a mass of 20g is hung from its end is 14cm, while its
total length is 16cmwhen a mass of 30g is hung from the same end. Calculate the
unstretched length of the spring assuming Hooke’s law is obeyed.

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The defect of the eye lens which occurs as a result of weak ciliary muscles is called

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A moving coil galvanometer of 300 ohms resistance gives full deflection for 1.0mA.
the resistance, R, of the shunt that is required to convert the galvanometer into a 3.0A
ammeter is?

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The IUPAC name for the compound below is? CH3C(CH3)2CH2CH(CH3)2

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Silicon doped with aluminium and germanium doped with arsenic becomes?

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Which of the following substances undergoes sublimation?

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An amoeba and an unlaid egg are..........

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The bond which joins two ethanoic acid molecules in the liquid state is?

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Bowing of legs in children is due to deficiency of?

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During summer the balance wheel of clocks expands what effect does this have on the
accuracy of the clock?

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A force F is required to keep a 5kg mass moving round a cycle of radius 3.5m at a
speed of 7m/s. what is the speed, if the force is tripled?

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Deamenation occurs in the?

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Which of these gases is the most dangerous pollutant?

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The head of the femur articulate in the ______ of the pelvis

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When a substance changes from liquid state to gaseous state, the attractive force between the molecules?

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The quality of petrol as an engine fuel improves with a higher amount of?

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What volume of oxygen measured at s.t.p would be liberated on electrolysis by 9650 coloumbs of electricity? (Molar volume of gas t s.t.p=22.4dm3, F=96,500 C per mole)

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A short chain is sometimes attached to the back of a petrol tanker to?

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The presence of sunken stomata and the folding of leaves are adaptation for?

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The nucleus is said to be the control organelle of a cell because

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The defect of the eye lens which occurs as a result of weak ciliary muscle is called?

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When a pentavalent impurity is added to a pure semiconductor, it becomes?

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56.00cm3 of a gas at s.t.p weighed 0.11g. What is the vapour density of the gas? (Molar volume at s.t.p=22.4dm3)

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The length of mercury thread when it is at 0
଴c, 100଴ܿ, and at an unknown
temperature θ is 25mm, 225mm and 175mm respectively. The value θ is?

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When it is cold, the blood vessels of the skin...?

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Mortar is not used for underwater construction because

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Which of the following vitamin play an important role in blood clotting?

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The form in which energy is stored and is used is?

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In which of the following vertebrates does the skin function as a respiratory surface?

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What mss of gold is deposited during the electrolysis of gold (iii) tetraoxosulpate (vi)
when a current of 15A is passed for 193sconds. (Au= 97, F= 96500 C/mol)

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The richest source of vitamin A is

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If the gall bladder of a mammal is damaged, which of the following will most
seriously be affected?

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The major function of the swims-bladder in fishes is?

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Spines and shells in animals are adaptation for?

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Which of the following will be first digested if ingested at the same time?

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The vertebrae which carries the odontoid process is called

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Which of the following is a non fatty acid

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In the periodic table, what is the property that decrease along the period and increases down the group?

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When an animal has dark-coloured dorsal surface and a light coloured ventral surface,
this is an adaptation called?

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An object 3.0cm high is placed 60.0cm from a converging lens whose focal length is
20.0cm. calculate the distance of the image formed.

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A tall plant crossed with a dwarf one produces offspring of which half are dwarf.
What are the genotypes of the parents?

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