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A must read Motivational Letter for All Students!!!

A must read Motivational Letter for All Students!!!

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When I read this letter, I loved it..It inspired me,,,It gave me hope…it might do same to you!!!!
A school principal in Singapore sent this letter to the parents before the exams…
“Dear parents, the exams of you children will start soon. I know you’re really anxious for your child to do well.
But please remember that among the students who will be sitting for the exams…
There is an ARTIST, who doesn’t need to understand math.
There is an ENTREPRENEUR, who doesn’t care about history or English literature.
There’s a MUSICIAN whose chemistry marks won’t matter.
There is an ATHLETE, whose physical fitness is more important than physics.
If your child does get top marks, that’s great! but if he or she doesn’t…please don’t take away their self confidence and dignity from them.
Tell them its okay, its just an exam, they are cut out for much bigger things in life.
Tell them no matter what they score, you love them and will not judge them….
Please do this and when you do, watch your children conquer the world.
One failed exam or low marks won’t take away their dreams and talent. And please do not think doctors and engineer are the only happy people in the world.”
If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing its stupid. – Albert Einstein
Like I earlier said, this will inspire and motivate you! I hope it did just that!
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