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LASU Courses: their JAMB Subject Combination & O’level Requirements

Courses Offered in LASU: Lagos State University, LASU Courses their JAMB subjects combination and O’level requirement.

lasu courses

This page will List out the official and approved undergraduate courses offered in Lagos State University (LASU).

It will also show you the correct jamb subject combination, UTME requirement, and Direct Entry (DE) requirement for LASU Courses.

First we will list out the courses available for 2019/2020 session, then we will list out all the courses offered in LASU, and finally, we will show you the JAMB Subject combination and O’level requirement for all the courses.

If you have any question, remember, you can feel free to ask us using the comment box below.

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Now let’s start…

List of LASU Courses available for 2020/2021 Session.

A. LIST OF ACCREDITED COURSES (Regular student without Comprehensive Entrepreneurship)

Candidates should note that ONLY the accredited courses listed below are available for the 2020/2021 Academic Session. Therefore, candidates can only apply for ANY of the under-listed courses for which they possess relevant requirements for admission.






–  Arabic         

–  Christian Studies      

–  English

–  French

–  History & International Studies       

–  Islamic Studies         

–  Music                      

–  Peace Studies

–  Philosophy

–  Portuguese / English

–  Theatre Arts

–  Yoruba



–  Arabic Education     

–  Biology Education   

–  Business Education

–  Chemistry Education            

–  Christian Religious Studies Education          

–  Computer Science Education

–  Early Childhood Education

–  Economics Education

–  Educational Management

–  Educational Technology

–  English Education     

–  French Education

–  Geography Education

–  Guidance & Counselling

–  Health Education

–  History Education    

–  Islamic Studies Education     

–  Mathematics Education       

–  Physical & Health Education

–  Physics Education    

–  Political Science Education

–  Yoruba Education    



– Common/Civil Law

– Islamic Law



– Agriculture



– Accounting

– Banking & Finance

– Business Administration

– Industrial Relations & Personnel Management

– Insurance

– Local Government Development & Administration

– Management Technology

– Marketing

– Public Administration



– Mass Communication



– Biochemistry

– Botany

– Chemistry

– Computer Science

– Fisheries & Aquatic Biology

– Mathematics

– Microbiology

– Physics

– Zoology



– Dentistry

– Medicine & Surgery

– Nursing 

– Pharmacology

– Physiology



– Economics

– Geography & Planning

– Political Science

– Psychology

– Sociology



– Transport



– Aeronautic & Astronautic Engineering

– Chemical & Polymer Engineering

– Electronics & Computer Engineering

– Mechanical Engineering

B. LIST OF ACCREDITED COURSES (Regular student withComprehensiveEntrepreneurship)

Candidates should note that ONLY the accredited courses listed in A. above are available in the SPECIAL PROGRAMME for the 2020/2021 Academic Session. except all courses in the COLLEGE OF MEDICINE.


In addition to the B. Sc. / B. A. Courses offered in item B. above, Certificates will be awarded in the following Entrepreneurial Courses in the Regular with Comprehensive Entrepreneurship Programme.

  1. Access Control Installation and Management
  2. Animal Husbandry (Snail breeding, Grass Cutter breeding)
  3. Awards, Packaging and Screen Printing
  4. Bead making
  5. Block making industry (Vibrated or engine molds/Hand molds
  6. Build, Installation and Repair of Inverter/Solar Panel
  7. Building Drawing
  8. Building Applications in PHP
  9. Cake Baking, Snacks, Sugar Craft (Free Hand Modelling)
  10. CCTV Camera Installation and Management
  11. Certificate in Aquatic food processing
  12. Certificate in Aquatic Product Business
  13. Certificate in Artisanal Fisheries Operation and Management
  14. Certificate in Brood-stock development and Management
  15. Certificate in Environmental management in fisheries and aquaculture
  16. Certificate in Fish Farm Cluster and Terminal Management
  17. Certificate in Fish farm clusters and fish
  18. Certificate in Fish farming business
  19. Certificate in Fish feed manufacturing
  20. Certificate in Fish Fingerling Production, Marketing and Distribution
  21. Certificate in Fish health management
  22. Certificate in Fisheries and Aquaculture Value Chain
  23. Certificate in Industrial Fisheries Operation and Management
  24. Certificate in Local and International fish business
  25. Certificate in Ornamental fish business
  26. Certificate in Public, private Partnership in fisheries and Aquaculture (PPP)
  27. Certificate in Shrimp and Prawn farming business
  28. Certificate in Water quality analysis and management
  29. Certification of Trade Apprentice
  30. Coconut value chain
  31. Computer & Laptop repairs & Maintenance, Networking Mobile Phone repairs and Maintenance
  32. Concrete Mixer Handling
  33. Courier and logistics Management
  34. Crop Farming
  35. Data Analysis AND Data Processing (Excel & SPSS)
  36. Database Management Essentials
  37. Data Recovery Specialist/Technician
  38. Decoders and Internet Marketing
  39. Digital Forensic Specialist/Technician 
  40. Digital Marketing
  41. Distribution Channel & Logistics Management
  42. Drama and Entertainment
  43. Draughtmanship
  44. Entrepreneurship Training in Beekeeping
  45. Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Specialist/Technician
  46. Event Management & Hall Decoration
  47. Event planning and Management
  48. Fiber Optic Cable Installation and Management
  49. Food processing and cake production
  50. Garment Construction, Pattern Drafting, Bridal Designs and Evening Wears
  51. Home Electronics (Domestic appliances) Repairs and management
  52. Hotel Management
  53. Import and Export Processing Entrepreneurship
  54. Interlocking/paving stones for private and commercial premises
  55. Laptop/ Desktop Handset Repairs
  56. Leather works
  57. Make-ups and cosmetics
  58. Packaging and Marketing Entrepreneurship
  59. Photograph/Image Editing
  60. Photography
  61. POP (Plaster of Paris) for buildings construction
  62. Real Estate Entrepreneurship
  63. Security Operations and Management
  64. Server Technician (Installations and Management)
  65. Soap, Detergent and Toiletries Production
  66. Structured Cabling & Wireless Installation and Management
  67. Tailoring and Fashion Design
  68. Tourism Management
  69. Training and Teaching of Bread Making
  70. Training in Fibre-Reinforced Plastic Tanks Construction
  71. Training in Paint Making (Emulsion/ Texture Coatings) And Allied Products
  72. Training on Borehole Drilling and Water Treatment
  73. Training on Solar Energy System, Design, Installation and Maintenance
  74. Vegetable Production. Maize farming, Cassava farming)
  75. Videography, Finishing School Generally
  76. Water Treatment and Packaging
  77. Website Development
  78. Welding, Metal Works and Fabrication
  79. Writing and Publishing

LASU Courses and Requirements.

  • Logon to the Lagos State University Integrated Data Centre (LASU-IDC) Admission Courses and Requirement Checker Website.
  •  Select Your Course of Study from the drop-down menu box
  • Finally, click on the ‘Check Requirement’ button to view your LASU course admission requirement and course combinations e.g  Accounting :: O-Level Subject Requirements: English Language, Mathematics, Economics, and any subject from Social Science,  Jamb Subject Requirements: ENG, MAT, ECO, and any subject from Social Science.

If you have any question, feel free to ask us using the comment box.


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Adesere dara

I have d7 in my economics but my maths ,English,commerce ,Acc,government are good what commercial course can I study


For computer science o’level, can the fifth subject be any of computer science, data processing and further maths?


I want to study psychology in Lasu…pls what are the 0’level and jamb subject combination

Adeleye Emmanuel Taiwo

I want to study Mass Communication, what are the O level and JAMB subject combination

Adeleye Emmanuel Taiwo

Mass Communication: O level and JAMB requirements:


What are the courses one can study with English, Government, literature and Christian Religious Knowledge as UTME Combination


I aspire to study English Language at Lasu
Can I use English Language
Literature in English
Government for utme combination.
While Maths A1
English B3
Civic B2/ CRK C6
Literature in English C6
Yoruba C6 for o’level subject combo. I had a D7 in government. Thanks

Last edited 4 months ago by Abubakar

Please do I stand a chance of getting admission in lasu without economics and 210 in jamb for business administration


Please I had English C6, Literature C4, Government D7, Economics B3,CRS B3 and Yoruba B3 in my GCE.Through this sitting do I stand a chance to study English at Lasu.


Is English literature a different course from English language in lasu please I need the answer from you.


Please can I study masscom with 223 and my waec result is good

Comfort Odunlami

Does last offer event management and hall decorations as a course and what are the requirements


What can I study with English, mathematics, account and government


Hello can I study mass communication with English, government,crs and literature

Abiola Aanu

Can I study fine arts in lasu without doing fine arts in waec?


Please I hope the fact that I didn’t take Yoruba won’t affect me applying for philosophy… Please your answers would be appreciated

Tamilore Taiwo

Please can I study theater art in lasu with out Yoruba in my waec


Please admin. Can I study Computer science in LASU with the underlisted O’level result???

Further Maths – C6
Mathematics – A1
English – B3
Physics – C5
Chemistry – D7
Civic Education – C4
Data processing – C4
Biology – D7
Yoruba – F9

Oluyemi Oluwatoyin

What can I study with commerce, English, mathematics,and government in last


I want to study psychology in lasu
I have English biology commerce government but i had D7 in Mathematics
Is it possible?


What are the olevel grades required for medicine and surgery In lasu
And what is jamb cut off mark 2021 for medicine and surgery in lasu

Lamidi Oluwanishola anifa

What an I study with account ,commerce ,mathematics and English in lasu. Because that was the subject I registered for

Lamidi Oluwanishola anifa

What can I study with account, commerce, mathematics and English in lasu. Because that was the subject I registered for.

Lateefat Abass

Hi there! Uhm, I have English, literature, government and C.R.S can I use that to study Psychology in LASU?


please sir,i have E8 in economics and I pass other subjects can I use it to study mass communication in lasu

Giwa Zainab Pelumi

Can i study accounting in LASU without choosing economics in jamb utme,but i choose in O level and i don’t even pass government in O level , this are the subject i choose in utme and O level.
Utme( Mathematics,English, Government and Financial account) O level ( math ,english, economics, account, but govt f9)


Please what of software engineering anything about it like the jamb requirement subject

Mabinuola Adeola

Pls as a commercial student I did mathematics, English, accounting and commerce in jamb which course can I study wit it


Pls I choose math’s, English, economic and account as my jamb combination for banking and finance. Hope I don’t have problem with it … Cause my head is stuck 😞, lot of people have been discouraging me that instead of account I should have done government


Can I study law in last with aggregate 69.5


Pls what’s the difference between business administration and business management?

Eke Jennifer Nchete

What is lasu departmental cutoff mark for microbiology, pharmacology and


Pls can i study in lasu if I’m not from lagos and I didn’t do Yoruba in my waec will i be accepted


Please can I change my course from accounting to IRPM for direct entry level with lower credit


Ok please can I change my course from law to English language without having issues because it says I would need a science subject which I don’t have an also my subject combination I asked someone the person said there won’t be any issue but I would like to confirm thanks


Please can I study sociology with 189 in jamb

dhamo drey

with 71.5 aggregate for law, what are my chances

dhamo drey

There is no legal law in the list, why?

Oyefesobi oyinkansola

Pls can I study law with 223 as my jamb score in lasu?

Oyefesobi oyinkansola

Pls,what less competitive course can I study,with the subjects combination of English,government,CRS nd literature in lasu


Pls i.had low aggregate 58.25 for sociology into lasu and i was advised to change to a less competitive course in faulty of education.. please is political science education a competitive course or what less competitive course can i change to that matches with my JAMB combination in jamb. ENGLISH, GOVT, ECONOMIC, CRK. o’level ENGLISH, GOVERNMENT, CRK, MATHS, ECONOMIC, YORUBA.
Thank you.

Ibahim jubril

is it compulsory for me to offer literature in jamb for (political science) course in jamb


Is it compulsory for me to offer economics in jamb for mass communication ?.


Please I want to confirm if lasu is offering law as a part time course


with dis result which course can i study in lasu english B3 crs B2 mathmatics C4 yoruba B3 literature D7 economic B3 civic D7 government A1 book keeping D7

Akande olamide

Can I study chemistry, biochemistry or microbiology with d7 in physics


pls i want to study marketing in lasu wat are the o level requirment


With my o”level result CRK,B3 ENGLISH C5 Economic C5 Government B3 MathematicsC5 Yoruba C5 Biology D7 Literature D7. and i wish to study sociology in LASU please is mathematics compulsory for sociology course in jamb subject combination? because am not good in mathematics and these are the subject i want to register for sociology in jamb * English * Economics * Government and * Crk. is it possible without mathematics? Secondly, i have University( OAU) Diploma in Business Management with GP 3.92 (Upper credit). can i go for Business Administration with the above o”level result using Direct Entry into Lagos… Read more »


Can I study law in lasu without yoruba in waec


Can I study Telecommunication management in Lagos state university with D7 grade in physics, if no which university will accept the grade

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