LASU Acceptance Fee Payment Procedure 2020/2021

LASU Procedure for Payment of Acceptance Fee for 2020/2021 Session. See how to apply and other details below.

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This is to inform all Lagos State University (LASU) Newly Admitted Students that the acceptance fee amount and payment procedure for 2020/2021 session are Out.

  1. If you have been offered admission but when you tried paying your acceptance fee and it keeps showing not a registered user, then don’t worry, just check it back after 48hours.
  2. ALL successfully admitted candidates in Streams 1 & 2, who are yet to
    accept their admission offer, are to login on to LASU
    admission portal to accept the offer.
  3. Kindly ENSURE you update your O/Level results(s) at a JAMB
    accredited CBT Centre.
  4. Kindly ENSURE you change your course on your JAMB CAPS account
    to the course you were offered in LASU (if the courses are different)
    for this provisional offer to be valid.
  5. If you have completed steps 1 – 3 above, proceed to Login to your
    JAMB CAPS account to ACCEPT the Admission offer AND
  6. Thereafter, proceed to LASU Payment Portal for Payment of
    Acceptance and Medical Fees (THIS IS APPLICABLE TO ONLY
    STREAM 1).

LASU Acceptance Fee


All successfully Admitted Candidates in the 2020/2021 Lagos State University Admissions exercise (100 Level and Direct Entry) are hereby informed that the acceptance fee is Twenty Thousand Naira only (N20,000.00).

Admitted Candidates MUST also pay ONLINE a sum of Ten Thousand Naira only (N10,000.00) only, for the Medical Screening (note that the Medical screening must be done at the LASU Health Centre, Ojo Campus but you can make payment in ANY BANK OF YOUR CHOICE).

Payment Procedure.

  • Visit LASU New e-payment portal:
  • Supply the following information on the new e-payment portal:
    • Matric No/UTME Reg No: Your 2019 UTME Registration Number
    • ID Type: Student/Alumnus
    • Campus: Main
    • Study Type: Full-Time Undergraduate
    • Purpose: Acceptance Fee
    • Current Valid Email Address: Please use ONLY your personal valid and current email address
    • Current Valid Phone No.: Please use ONLY your personal valid and current GSM number
    • Click on Submit
    • The new page will display your records and amount payable.
    • Click on Submit button to continue the process.
    • Click on Make Payment to effect the payment on REMITA payment platform
    • Make use of any desirable payment options on the Remita platform to effect the payment and keep safely your RRR code and the Transaction Receipt sent to your email after successful payment


Stream 2 offer can only be accepted with payment of the commitment fees within the stipulated period: for:
1. Acceptance N20,000
2. Medical N10,000
3. Tuition (50%) N75,000
Current Total: N105,000

Please NOTE that ACCEPTANCE is on a first-come,first-served basis

Any candidate who does not ACCEPT within the stipulated time forfeits the provisional admission offer and will not be proposed on JAMB CAPS.

Duration for Acceptance Fee (for stream II candidates): Yet to be confirmed.

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pls have been offered admission but my jamb capis still showing not admitted


Good day sir/maam, please is payment portal for medical and acceptance fee for stream 1 out, cause some of my friends have paid and even gotten receipt but the accredited cbt center around me said its not out and to beware of scammers.


Good afternoon sir, I got admitted by stream 1 but I’m unable to pay for acceptance fee cause they said payment portal for stream 1 is not open and some of my friends are paying already, I even saw the receipt but the Portal for stream 1 is not open yet. Please what can I do.

Ayokunle Muibudeen

Hi Sir/Ma,I have been expecting my admission at Lasu,but someone told me that,they are not giving admission to anybody anymore, because I was checking it day by day, and they were writing same thing “not admitted” I now quickly go and changed my institution to another school, but I have already bought their screaning form o,so now i have been offered admission into Lasu for my preferable course,so I now wanted to change my institution to Lasu again but they have closed there portal, please what is the way out?


Sir my lasu payment keeps showing
Outstanding debt : 5000, I don’t understand what going on


Comment sir, is it true that there will be a screening for freshers (inidigine)between 21-23 of dec


Pls, how do I generate the invoice


I’ve been given admission on Lasu portal since September but it’s still showing not admitted on Jamb caps, my question is can I pay acceptance so that I won’t forfeit the admission, Admission deadline is tomorrow

Adeniran Johnson Oluwasegun

I want to pay my medical fee but its displaying #20000 instead of #10000


Comment is it true that I have to be scheduled first before I can go for medical


Goodday sir
How true it is,that medical screening exercise commence today at lasu health centre.Not Payment but the screening itself.Thanks



Pls I have not been able to accept on Jamb Cap’s is say admission in progress check back later for the past 2 weeks

Ololo success

pls would the deadline for payment of acceptance fee be extended because my jamb caps is still showing admission in progress and tomorrow is the deadline,pls what should i do.


Please tomorrow is the deadline and jamb hasn’t updated my caps yet. What am supposed to do now


I tried paying my acceptance fee but it keeps showing you seems not to be a registered user what can I do


I mistakenly pay jupeb acceptance instead of undergraduate acceptance fee and i want to pay the undergraduate again but it is not showing charges on the portal, pls what can I do


Pls people that were given admission under supplementary list any time we want to pay for the acceptance fee it says in progress please what happening


Hello please I have a question
I just checked my jamb profile and I saw that my course there is political science
But on my lasu portal they’ve giving me admission for sociology
Please if I change my course on my jamb caps now will my admission stautus change on my jamb caps,because my jamb caps is still showing not admitted
Please I really need your reply thank you


Please today is the deadline for the payment of acceptance fee… And my jamb caps is still telling me ” admission in progress check back later” and lasu payment portal is saying ” u don’t seem to be a registered user”

Akoma uche

I mistakenly paid for jupeb acceptance fee instead of undergraduate acceptance fee plz Wat are my going to do

Akoma uche

Can we pay acceptance fee through remitta,because I read dat u can pay online at any bank


Av payed my acceptance fee throu(rrr)and now I want to pay my medical fee,should I use d same RRR I use in paying my acceptance fee to pay my medical fee,or I shud create another One(rrr)


please I already accepted my admission on Lasu portal and carried out d necessities (changed my course to the course offered by lasu) but my admission is yet to reflect on jamb caps till now. the acceptance fee deadline is tomorrow, what do I do please???


please is it possible to pay the acceptance and medical fees on 18th


Please I’m really getting worried
I’ve accepted my admission on my lasu portal
But whenever I want to pay for the acceptance fees it keeps on saying not a registered user
And the deadline is said to be on Monday
Please what do I do


Sir whenever I try to pay for medical is always showing 20,000


When are we to go for d medical check up


I tried paying acceptance fee but it’s saying you are not a registered user of this system. I have been given admission in LASU and I have accepted it on LASU portal but jamb portal is saying admission in progress and the deadline for the payment of acceptance fee is this Monday 18th…..l don’t understand all this…. please what should l do?


I tried to pay the acceptance fee but it’s saying you are not a registered user of this system. I been given admission by LASU accepted on LASU portal but it is showing admission in progress and the deadline for the payment of acceptance is this Monday 18th. What should l do please?


Av already payed MA acceptance fee through remita,buh don’t know hw to check if it has reflected, am only Wt d receipt


Are we to pay medical fee through remita


How can we pay acceptance fee after 48 hours when our admission is not even reflecting on jamb portal..I’m just frustrated with the whole thing and to top it all the payment will close by monday. How is all this fair?


is i8th also deadline for medical payment or we can still pay for it after the date


Sir, when will d payment end


Goodmorning all school, weldone. I have paid for my acceptance fee of 20,000 and medical fee of 10,000. I got receipts for the two payment on Lasu payment portal. I hope I’m on the right side? some people are saying the medical fee should be paid at Lasu health centre Ojo. Your advice on this sir


Is it true that the medical fee will be paid at the school premises


Pls its still saying not a registered user when i tried paying the acceptance fee. And they havent posted the admission on jamb portal..pls i’m really worried


sir can we pay the acceptance fee and medical fee, without the school portal directing us to pay or we should hold on?

Adeniran Johnson Oluwasegun

I want to pay my acceptance fee, after filling the boxes and then i submit, you seem not to be a registered user of this system. That’s what it’s display


please how much are we to pay exactly for stream1 accptance fee nd have dey stated making payment…are stram1 to pay for medical seprate too..please i need a quick respons


Pls i was given stream1 admission and i accepted,still it hasnt reflected on jamb site and i tried paying for the acceptance fee,it was saying i’m not a registered user..pls what does that mean?

ololo success

pls hope there is no problem because they say JAMB will conclude giving of admission on the 16th of this month but my caps is still showing NOT ADMITTED,are they still going to give me admission cus im worried.


Can i pay the acceptance fee cus i have not seen my admission on jamb caps


Good morning,I’ve already accepted my admission on my lasu portal
But my acceptance fee payment isn’t reflecting on my lasu portal yet
Please hope no problem?


pls Any news about stream one payment now??


Can stream 1 pay for medical now


can we pay stream1 acceptance fee now?


can i pay acceptance fee for stream1 now?


Pls When is stream 1 acceptance fee going to close


Pls,can I pay medical fees for stream 1

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