UI 2019 best graduating student from Law Reveals her secrets to success

UI 2019 best graduating student from Law and Law School First Class Student, Jesudunmo Longe reveals her secrets and motivation to success

Jesudunmo Longe, UI & Law School First Class graduate
Jesudunmo Longe, UI & Law School First Class graduate

Recall few days ago, we shared a news that only 5 out of 2,515 students made first class in the just released Law School Result. Out of the 5 students, 3 are from University of Ibadan.

Jesudunmo Longe is one of those 3 UI students who graduated with first class honors in Law School.

She also emerged as the best graduating student from the Department of Private and Property Law, University of Ibadan, having scored 6.20 CGPA.

In an interview with TUNDE AJAJA, she revealed that she worked hard to pay her parents love. Below are excerpts from the interview.

What inspired your plan to work towards graduating with a first-class degree?

I didn’t exactly plan to graduate with a first-class degree. I could say I stumbled into it. My elder sister, Jesuferanmi, who was a senior in my faculty, saw some of my 100 level first semester results and told me that I could graduate with a first-class degree if I sustained that performance. After that, I became conscious of it, and I also felt if I could graduate with a first-class degree without necessarily working towards it, I could as well keep up with whatever I did because it was apparently working.

At the Law School, however, I was more intentional. I worked super hard and I’m, however, grateful that things worked out for me. Overall, I would give the credit to Jesus Christ and of course my mum’s prayers, my dad’s love and the support of my siblings and my inner circle (of friends).

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What should students do to have excellent results like yours?

‘Know yourself and to thyself Be True.’ Personally, I have God and I don’t joke with my mother’s prayers. I called her before every examination from my first year to the final year. Students should find what works for them. A strong support system really helps, no matter your method.

I also like to add a few things; grades are great, but your value is not in the grades neither do your grades define you. Balance is a myth. Some things require more attention than others, depending on individuals and it varies from time to time. So, choose what to feed your attention with.

Just because you are good at something does not mean it is what you were called to do. It is good, however, to stick to what you are good at and stay where you shine with ease except it does not give you joy.

Do not be unduly eager or crumble under the burden to monetise your hobbies or passion. It is okay to enjoy things just for the sake of it. Young women should not shrink themselves to accommodate the inflated egos of other people.

In school, Jesudunmo Longe was an event planner, MC and many things of interest. When asked how she combined School and Work, she had these to say:

I didn’t have a reading schedule because I was involved in too many things; some, out of interest and others, out of curiosity.

In fact, my free time was for everything else outside of books. I could be busy with event planning, movies, food hunting, sleeping and church engagements. I tried not to miss classes, though. I wanted to have my cake and eat it, so, I took risks.

I was into blogging and I joined Man O’ War. I would even say I underperformed at the university and law school and some friends told me that. I knew that if I had taken my studies a bit more seriously, I would have done far better.

The fact that I reached a standard that is usually unattainable without hard work does not mean it was my best output.I do not have a formula for how I combined everything but I also will not advise people to engage in too many activities.

For me, those things helped as I learnt a lot, gained tremendous experience and learnt to work on teams. There were definitely times I almost let go, especially in Law School, but with a great support system and Mercy Chinwo’s songs, I pulled through. I had good friends but I did not go out of my way to pursue friendship with people.

However, I was sufficiently receptive and did not want to be noticed or become popular in Law School. Within my circle, I was the hype woman and I always had enough energy to go round (laughs).

Congratulations to her! We hope her story inspired you. You can CLICK HERE to read the full interview.

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