JAMB 2021: Does JAMB Runs, Expo or Upgrade Works?

Does UTME/JAMB Runs or Upgrade Works?

It has been a routine for some individuals to collect hard earned money form Nigeria students with the disguise of providing answers to JAMB questions popularly called (JAMB RUNS/Expo). After the release of the UTME results, that same set of individuals collects money from JAMB candidates promising them they will upgrade their UTME/JAMB result.

Most ignorant candidates seeks to know if those people are real. Their (JAMB candidates) question are coined like; “Is JAMB Upgrade real?”, “Will JAMB RUNS work?”. If you are among this candidates, AllSchool have something to tell you in this page.

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In this page AllSchool is here to categorically state that JAMB RUNS Does not work! For lazy students who don’t want to read, this should be a bad news! But that’s the fact!

A short story;

Last year, One JAMB candidate who identified herself as Damilola, asked us if we Help candidates with JAMB answers on the exam day. Our answer was obviously "No dear, we don't support or JAMB RUNS/UPGRADE" We also advised her to read her books with the JAMB syllabus and practice with the JAMB past questions". 

Damilola accepted our advice but did the opposite. She gave her money to One Ebere. The Ebere promised to send answers to her on the exam day. On that exam day, at first she was not allowed to come in with her mobile phone, but after some of her magic and tricks, she managed to sneak the phone to the exam hall. Just like she expected, the answers were sent to her and she confidently wrote the answers. The result came out and she got 204/400. 

Disappointed, She called Mr. Ebere and told him her JAMB score, complaining that it won't fetch her her dream course. Again Mr. Ebere told her to pay some amount of money so that her UTME result will be upgraded to a higher score. As usual, she did and few days later she checked her result and boom, she saw 299/400. She was excited and even told people that she has gotten admission. She went as far as buying school stuff before even writing the post utme. 

Her school (UNN) post utme registration form started and to hr greatest surprise, the JAMB score she saw on her post UTME exam slip was 204. Disappointed, she tried calling Mr. Ebere but unfortunately for her, she heard "the MTN number you are trying to call is currently switched off"..She wept bitterly...She eventually wrote the post utme, but as she guessed, her score didn't fetch her her course (Computer Science).

Few days later she shared her story with Allschool and apologized for not heeding to our advice and counseling.  

End of story! 

The story was interesting right?? The short story should help convince but not confuse you that you just have to say no to JAMB Runs/Upgrade! 

JAMB RUNS OR UPGRADE IS SCAM RUN AWAY FROM IT! Anybody supporting that is a fraudster! Be warned and don’t forget to share this page with friends using the Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp button.

Here at AllSchool, we wish you gain admission into your dream school to study your dream course!

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All school, stop pretending here, you collected an amount of money from me promising you will upgrade my school to no avail, up till now..u never did as promise.

Now u are here talking this, foolish guy.

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