JAMB is Trending on Twitter, see why

Yesterday and Today, JAMB has been trending on Twitter on of the biggest social network. See why they are trending below.

JAMB trending on Twitter

Once in a while, JAMB do trend on twitter, sometimes for good other times for bad! Yesterday 4th May the board was trending on twitter and they are still trending today.

The big question now is, WHY is JAMB trending on Twitter? They are trending because they remitted a total of 7 billion to the Federal Government.

Yea that’s right, JAMB and remitted a total of Seven Billion Naira to the Federal Government and this got people talking.

Before we proceed, did you know?

No that you about the cut-off mark issue, let’s continue with business of the day!

You want to know what people are saying? Below are some of the tweets that got our attention. After reading their tweets, please use the comment box below to share your views with us.

Tweets that got our attention:

What do you hink about the subjest matter? Use the comment box below to share your opinion, we love hearing from you.

That’s not all, some Twitter users decided to make fun with the word JAMB. You should read their tweets below. I’m sure you will smile

There you have it, those are the few tweets that got our attention. Hey, please don’t forget to share your thoughts on the main subject matter! Don’t be scared to type

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