IMSU repudiates Cancellation of 2019/2020 Admission Exercise

IMSU Denies Cancellation of 2019/2020 Admission Exercise. If you were admitted in 2019/2020 Session, your admission is secured. Pay no attention to people who fabricates story. You read read the full details below.

imsu denies cancellation of admission

Wellness felicitations to all Imo State University (IMSU) students, freshmen and members of the university community.

While the nation, and now our dear Imo State, maintains her aggressive response in the fight against the novel coronavirus it is of immense importance to note that:

1. Imo State University (IMSU), following the Nigeria Universities Commission (NUC) directive of academic activities lockdown of tertiary institutions, has been on an indefinite lockdown of academic activities since Monday 23rd March, 2020, the implication of which saw the 2019/2020 exams put on hold and academic activities discontinued.

2. Since the 23rd March, 2020 when IMSU declared indefinite lockdown the school has not engaged in any form of academic exercise or activity in consonance with Federal government and NUC’s directive.

3. The release/report circulating in multiple social platforms that IMSU is revoking the admission of 2019/2020 students has no iota of authenticity, is false and should be disregarded in all entirety as IMSU is not in session and consequently cannot make administrative and academic regulations as this.

4. Aside the fact that the administrative and academic units of IMSU are not functional as a result of the lockdown, such a regulation as “revoking of admission” will need the backing of the university management before it can be effected and the university management if ever it will consider such a thing cannot sit when an indefinite lockdown of academic activities is still in full sway nor will her high standards avail for such thoughts.

5. While the official website of the university may occasionally experience upgrades that may affect some functionalities on the site as distortion of students personal details such as “school fees not paid yet” the university has never and will not revoke the admission of legit students who were offered admission into the university.

6. In the same manner, IMSU will not offer admission to students who upgraded their jamb scores, falsified information or engaged in any fraudulent practices that could affect the legitimacy of their admission and will not hesitate to systematically withdraw the admission of persons confirmed to have any traces of such illegalities. The cases of 100 level students being told by the school portal that “you have been withdrawn from the university. Visit the admission office for further directives” is a clear cut illustration of the long-arm of IMSU catching up with students with fake admission.

7. Freshmen or 100 level sudents legitimately admitted and are getting such messages should note that there is no cause for alarm as the glitch will be fixed systematically by the site or as soon as the university resumes academic activities.

8. Please stay safe and follow all safety measures communicated by our medical personnels so that we can flatten the curve and stop the spread of coronavirus.

Comr. Duru Victor,
SUG Director of Information,
Imo State University.

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