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How to Write Final Year Project Proposal

Wondering how to write your Final Year Project? We have got you covered. We will show you everything you need to know about final year project below.

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An incredible and elegantly composed final year proposal is said to be the proposal that contacts key regions of the “proposed project” to be completed, the major inquiry may then be, How would this be made conceivable? This article will help improve the writing effectiveness of undergraduates and postgraduate students with regards to project proposal writing.

“Proposal” is basically a type of an official solicitation to deal with a specific project dependent on the basic information for that specific project. At the point when you are proposing to carry out research on a specific topic, it is significant that you have a sound information about your project topic.

Region of core interest

Before doing your project work, it is normal that you see fundamentally the course/territory of study your project administrator or even division would need you to concentrate your study on. This is significant in light of the fact that it will keep you from presenting a final year project proposal that might be rejected.

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Another significant perspective to consider while choosing your topic is financial feasibility. Your proposed project ought to be something you can deal with within your capacity, something you can wrap up. Most students get project topics they can begin yet can’t wrap up. Towards the end, they search for easy ways out.

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  • Decide on the problem to handle and concoct a smart thought
  • Identify your subsidizing channel particularly for cash swallowing project.
  • Approach your patrons if any on time to find out the duty on their part.
  • Build a project group, if the project needs more individuals, discover increasingly mindful accomplices and delegate ahead with a decent notoriety.
  • Play a dynamic part in most basic leadership, in order to accomplish the ideal objective
  • Finally, hold a commencement meeting with your supervisor or group head.

Now let us take a gander at how we can compose a research proposal for a final year project in a general manner;


Your introduction ought to give the foundation or the skeleton of the proposal. You are setting up your fundamental structure for research. You ought to most likely have a couple of subsections in the introduction,

As they can be utilized to make realized quantitative and qualitative discovers known.

Statement of the problem

This talks about the problem that your study aims at solving. Therefore, the problem that led to you carrying out this research.

Purpose for the study

This talks about the aims and objectives of the study. It uncovers what the target result should be. The objectives of a study is the backbone of your main work because it depicts your result.

It will reveal the hypothesis that should be tried and any inquiries encompassing it.


Literature review briefly gives a review of related studies. This can be divided into three fundamental parts. Conceptual review, Theoretical review and empirical review.

The conceptual review gives a valuable breakdown of relevant concepts and definition of variables of the study.

Theoretical review gives theories that have been propounded by past philosophers and researchers which are related to your present study.

Empirical review gives a concise review of similar studies carried out by other scholars and researchers that support your study..

Research questions or hypotheses

You will reveal your hypothesis here.

You will additionally reveal any research addresses that encompass your hypothesis.

You will address the conceivable testable speculations that will support your hypothesis.

Significance of the study

This section talks about the importance and relevance of your study. The significance of the study shows the beneficiaries of the study such as academic, professional, government policies etc.


This section shows the constraints that were encountered while carrying out the research. These constraints could be financial constraints, time constraints, inadequate study materials and so on. In essence, they are obstacles that hindered the completion of the project.


It will give a point by point talk of whether you will do quantitative or qualitative research and the instruments of research (review, talk with, poll, and so forth.) to be utilized.

This segment will tell precisely which methods you will use so as to demonstrate your hypothesis.

It talks about the key factors that you will test as well as a control so as to demonstrate your hypothesis to be legitimate.


In either MLA or APA style, the references of assets persuaded are to be appropriately composed.

Hope this article helps you on how to write your final year project proposal

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