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How to Study Medicine & Surgery Abroad from Nigeria

Medicine is one of the most professional yet sensitive subjects in the world. To work in medicine, a person must acquire the correct awards, certificates, and knowledge.

For students in Nigeria, medicine courses are not easily available. Those that are may not meet the students or specific career needs. Most young people seeking a degree in medicine have to turn to other science-based courses due to the lack of medical teachers and equipment. Teachers of medicine in Nigeria are rare. This is not always due to a lack of resources. Instead, it is common for Nigerian residents to strike and have a poor attitude towards the medical system.

If a person does have access to a medical teacher, often it can be difficult to get onto a course. In Nigeria, it is not necessarily about what you know but who you know.

Hence, studying abroad is an ideal option for those looking to further their knowledge, expand their learning, and have access to the world’s best teachers. Although studying abroad is expensive, it is possible to get a scholarship. Those with the right knowledge, teaching, and attitude can land a scholarship from Nigeria to study medicine abroad.

The most popular choice for attaining a medical degree abroad is in the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, or China. Nigerian students are warmly welcomed by all countries that offer medical degrees. With these scholarships, the Universities often offer a two or three-year free-visa to help the transition process easier.

To apply for studying medicine abroad from Nigeria, Universities will often begin will a self-assessment. Here, the school of choice will interview the student and ask questions on the following topics:

  • Language abilities – it is crucial for the student to have an understanding or fluent in the native language. Often, language classes can be provided.
  • Ensuring the student is choosing the right school – medical schools differ around the world. Some specialize in certain medical subjects. To ensure the student is choosing the right school for their dreams, it is essential to understand more about the University and if it fits their aspirations.
  • Help to apply to other medical schools – if the chosen school is not right, the University will often help the student apply for the right place of education.
  • Document checks – to study abroad from Nigeria, a student will need all of the correct documents for education and residence.
  • Meet education tests – to apply for a medicine degree, a student must have the necessary education and/or awards/certificates.
  • Help with CV/references – the place of education will require a CV, reference, or personal statement. If the student has not completed this, the University will help. This will entail personal interview questions for the school to learn more about the individual.

After the school has helped the student with their application, an interview may be the next step. This addition is to ensure that the student is right for the course. An interview also allows the school to get to know the student.

If a student is not eligible for a scholarship, the medical courses will come at a cost. Below is a general guideline of costs for medicine courses per year:

  • Caribbean – $7,500
  • USA – $5,000
  • Russia – $5,000
  • Philippines – $3,000
  • Belarus – $4,500
  • Ukraine – $4,500
  • U.K. – $12,000
  • China – $6,000

Costs vary depending on the country and length of course. If the medicine course is more specific, it may cost more.

Not only can studying abroad from Nigeria offer better education quality, but it can offer more social and cultural experiences. There are bigger opportunities worldwide for young people’s career and personal life. Thus, it is not always the education a student can obtain. Traveling and studying abroad allows a young person to meet new people, open their eyes to more opportunities, and grow as a person.

These opportunities are not always available in Nigeria. It is often the case that students do not have the option to study medicine at home in Nigeria. The resources are more scarce than in other countries around the world, which makes the medical courses in Nigeria poor quality. The medicine courses that are available in Nigeria cannot guarantee the best education or resources. Often the courses are poorly planned, lack admission policies, and have inadequate funding.

If a Nigerian student cannot quite afford a course abroad, is not eligible for a scholarship, or cannot obtain a visa, there are other options. It is still possible for Nigerian students, and all students worldwide, to receive a professional high-quality education.

USMLE online courses are a great option for those looking for immediate teaching. Here, you will have access to learning materials from award-winning University Professors worldwide. Online courses are ideal for those that like to learn remotely or have specific professors they would like to learn from.

Often, online courses are a more cost-friendly option. The courses are cheaper due to less study time and less need for resources. Yet, a student can obtain the same education and expertise from studying online.

It is possible for many students to study medicine abroad from Nigeria. With the right help, planning, and attitude, a young person seeking a degree in medicine can obtain one in just a few years. If a scholarship is not possible, then students have other options from paying for the course or studying online with teachers across the world.

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