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Allschool give-away is ongoing [Final Day Winners Announced]

Allschool will be doing a give-away. You answer a riddle or teaser question correctly and win cash prize. See details below

allschool give-away

The lock down has imposed a lot of hardship to most Nigerians citizens. With this give-away, we want to help Allschool Readers cushion the effect of covid-19.

From the poll we ran on our website few days ago, most people said they want riddle/brain teaser give-away.

UPDATE: Check Winners in comment section!

About the Allschool Give-away:

Please read all

  • In this give away, we will ask a total of 20 riddles / brain teaser questions (5 questions each day).
  • The first person to answer each question correctly will be declared the winner of the question and will be rewarded with N1,000.
  • Each day, we will ask 5 questions. Winners will be announced at the end of each day.
  • For some days, there might be BONUS QUESTION. If we ask a bonus question, we will specify the amount the question carries.
  • We will post a question then give a time frame for the question to be answered.
  • For each day, we will post questions any time between 10am to 5pm. Winners will be announced before 8.00pm daily. Also the winners will be asked to provide their account details. Same day, we transfer the money to their bank account.
  • If a winner to a question fails to provide their account details 24hours after announcing the winners, we will choose the second person who answered the question correctly and declare them as winners.
  • With the above point, we encourage you to answer a question even if someone has answered it already. Its possible that when we declare the first person to answer the question as the winner, the person will not claim their prize. In that case the second person is automatically the winner.
  • If you are very smart, you can answer all the 5 questions we ask in a day. You are not limited to answering just one. And yes, if you answer all the questions correctly, you get the N5,000 all to yourself
  • Please tell your friends about that contest, don’t be stingy! This is the little you can do to help someone. Please share the page and invite people you think are capable to answer riddle/brain teaser question.
  • This give-away is open to sponsorship! If you want to join us cushion the effect of this covid-19, please feel free to contact us via [email protected]. People are really suffering! Nothing is small to help!

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: When will Allschool Give-away start: The give-away will start on Thursday 23rd April and ends Sunday 26th April 2020.
Time: 10am to 5pm daily.

Q2: How will I know a question has been asked:
On a daily basis, we will ask the questions this way:
1st question by 10am,
2nd question by 11am
3rd question by 1pm
4th question by 2pm
5th question by 4pm

Q3: Where will Allschool Post the Riddle/Brain Teaser Questions? We will post the questions on this page via the comment box below. You just have to reply our comment with the correct answer. That simple!

Q4: How will I know I was the person that answered the question correctly? At the end of each day, we will announce the winners.

Q5: How will I get Paid: Once we announce the winners, we will signal you to send in your account details. The money will be disbursed before the end of each day.

Q6: Can I answer all the 5 Questions asked in a day? Oh yes you can! But we encourage you to invite your friends to attempt the questions. Just use the share buttons below to share this page with friends.

Q8: Will I get anything for telling my friends about this contest? Yes, you are helping someone! The blessing that comes with such help is greater than the entire N20,000 set for this give-away. Hence, please use the share buttons below and tell your friends to come and join!

Q9: What if a question was asked and no one answers it correctly? If WE ASK A QUESTION AND NO ONE IS ABLE TO ANSWER IT CORRECTLY, we will post the correct answer when announcing the winners for the day. This will lead to bonus question.

Q10: How do I Answer a question?
ANS: We will use the comment box in the page to ask the questions. You just have reply the comment (question) with the correct answer. That simple!

Please I have another question, how can I ask? Use the comment box below to ask us and we will be very pleased to answer you!

PLEASE NOTE: Allschool reserves the right to change the above rules/regulations at any time without prior notice.

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Allschool Team

Thank you so much for reading this article, we really do appreciate. We hope you loved it, if you did, please share this page with your friends via the share buttons below. Sharing is caring.

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Afolayan Jeremiah

Please tell us the answer to question 5 in case we Meet such question in the future,no knowledge is wasted. And thanks for the give away contest,Am really grateful.

Yemisi caroline

O lord let me have a share from the giveaway this time

Eyo john

Thank you guys so much. This program was really so much fun. More blessings for the good that you do.

Afolayan Jeremiah

Thanks Allschool for the give away puzzle challenge,it was really helpful I learnt a lot that I haven’t heard before in my life it was a great experience, thanks once again and GOD bless .


Those that got sick, did as a result of their allergies to the substance contained in the drinks

Mutjong gurumla

The lawyer do that because his client actually kill his wife otherwise she would have appeard in the court as said by the lawyer

Eyo john

The defendant (guilty man) wasn’t looking at the door. He knew his wife wasn’t coming.


Cacti are plant so I will escape through the first door

Abiola aishat

An escape route…she will have to remain there, her freedom was missing in the porridge

Abiola aishat

an escape route


The part she ate was missing
And the guard is telling her she is spending all her life in jail

Shedrack Adams

The river was frozen

Afolasade Precious

Charlie walks through the edges of the river

Afolasade Precious

Charlie is a Davido’s dog so Charlie’s walk at the edges of the river


Comment… y can’t I comment

Sarah Stephen Dzingina

It is possible because the 2 pools are joint together thus when Olamide dives into one, he has automatically dived into the other

Afolayan Jeremiah

He and his twin brother are in it







Eyo john

On the matter of the give away of the buhari’s questions. You gave the the winner as moyo, then u asked for explanation. Whereas I already did my calculations by myself posted it on the comment section of that question and you people didn’t pick me as the winner. Then the person you choose when u asked for explanation took mine edited it and sent to you people.

You guys just showed that there is no reward for hardwork, just con abilities.
Do have a great day.




The quiz time rate is really hard for me,cos am using a button phone,coupled with the bad service.
they are couple of questions i knew their answers immediately,but took me so long to comment

Eyo john

Good day sir/ma, on the subject of the giveaway being done, please I suggest it could be made harder than these. We are all intellectuals and this program has duely been designed for us. Most of the questions and their answers will come up even as the first outcome if searched on Google. So I suggest it shouldn’t be a first to comment first to win stuff. Let us sweat it out

At the end of the day a deserving winner will surely emerge. Thank you


When u are counting the months in descending order i.e counting from December down to January.April will be count first before January.

ajadi quadri

In last year’s calendar


All school please help me I need your help please

Ibeneme Stephen

Bihari will leave 5minutes earlier before Abubakar in order for them to reach at the same time.


What of bonus question??


The driver took the wrong way probably cos of bad condition of the road

Abiola aishat

the Uber driver was going to the wrong way on purpose since he’s a driver he knows the right way…the officer couldn’t stop him bcoz the Uber driver was going there on purpose maybe he has an emergency or the officer couldn’t stop the driver bcos the car Break failed or it developed some other fault

Abiola aishat

the man didn’t stop the Uber because the Uber driver was going there on purpose… since he’s a driver he knows the right way but him going to the wrong means he has other intentions maybe there was an emergency

Abiola aishat

the Uber driver was going through the wrong way on purpose…the man might have thought that since he’s a driver he should know the right way definitely he has other intentions of going to the wrong way

Abiola aishat

the Uber driver is going there on purpose….the man didn’t stop him bcoz he was a driver and he probably should know the right way definitely he has other intentions of going to the wrong way


Because the Uber driver was following the direction that Mr.Akpan showed him.

Abiola aishat

the Uber driver is going there on purpose….the man might have thought that since he’s a driver he should know the right way

Abiola aishat

the Uber driver is going there on purpose….the man might have thought that the Uber driver knows the right way since he’s a driver definitely he has other intentions

ajadi quadri

The Uber driver followed the wrong way due to the bad road condition.


Amara may not be punished because she might have murdered the man in form of self defense from exploitation. So Mrs Nkechi’s husband was guilty

Ayanbisi Idowu

Am new here, how do I register to participate in the all school giveaway


It’s 10:06am and I haven’t seen the question

Gloria Ogbonnaya

We go again

Ibeneme Stephen

Tho,I didn’t win today. I learnt something from what was done.
Thanks so much to the organizers. God bless ya all.

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