EKSU Change of Course Notice to All 2020/2021 Admission Seekers

EKSU Change of Course Notice to All her Admission Seekers for 2020/2021 Academic Session. Please read and act accordingly.

Eksu first semester exam date

At the Ekiti State University (EKSU) meeting of the Central Admissions Committee (CAC) noted that candidates’ subscription to the various programmes in the University was lopsided.   While some programmes were oversubscribed, others were grossly undersubscribed.

In order to ensure a near even distribution of candidates to the various programmes, and to be able to meet the deadline of  JAMB for 2020/2021 admissions, the CAC has directed candidates to proceed to the JAMB website to effect a change of course, after making their choices from the underlisted programmes where vacancies exist in the respective Faculties.  This is to ensure smooth processing of the admission.

EKSU Courses Available for Change of Course

In a nutshell, what the management of EKSU is saying is that candidats who on the EKSU admission portal saw ADMISSION NOT GRANTED should change to a less competitive course.

See also: JAMB Change of Course 2020/2021.

The courses such candidates can change to are listed below

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1AGRICULTURAL SCIENCEAnimal Production and Health Services
Crop, Soil and Environmental Science
Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries
Christian Religious Knowledge / Studies
Arabic & Islamic Studies
Religious Studies
3EDUCATIONFrench Education
Yoruba Education
Education Christian Religious Studies
Education Arabic Studies
Education History
Educational Management
Guidance and Counselling
Human Kinetics
Physical Health Education
Accounting Education
Biology Education
Mathematics Education
Chemistry Education
Basic Science Education / Integrated Science
Computer Education
Physics Education
Social Education
Economics Education
Political Science Education
Geography Education
Agricultural Education
Library and  Information Science
Mechanical and Auto Mechanical Technology
Building and Woodwork Technology
Electrical / Electronic Technology
Business Education
Technical Education
Educational Technology
Adult Education
Cooperative and Rural Development
Industrial Relations and Personnel Management
Plant Sciences and Forestry
6SOCIAL SCIENCEGeography and Planning Science
Tourism Studies
Environmental Management
Hospitality and Tourism

Please make sure you switch to a course that matches your subject combination. See == > EKSU Courses and Subject Combination.

Be properly guided and please share this page.

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Under this article there is accounting education but on the school portal there is not accounting education anymore, please what can I do because I went to do a change of course to accounting education.but is not on the school portal anymore


Good day sire

Please can a new applicant apply for EKSU apart from those that have applied before closing their portal before. I mean student that have not applied for admission in EKSU before. I will appreicate your quick response. Thanks sir

Orimolade susan

Please those that they have given admission on jamb portal and has not seen anything on eksu portal wat about them


Or do u know hw long it will take ,have nt paid acceptance fees o


Sir its till the same thing,its still not reflecting on the school portal …i don’t know if I should go to the school and complian please help me,but jamb have given me nw


I hve been give admission on jamb portal on monday ..but on esku portal its blank just my name and my state I cant. Make any. Payment y is it nt refelecting on esku portal


sir I saw not admitted on my jamb caps and on the school portal it’s showing none yet. is there any reason to be scared?

Ademuyiwa Daniel

Please sir my choice of course on jamb portal is English Language but after I did change of institution, i applied for English and literary studies on eksu portal. My question is that should I still change it to English and literary studies on jamb portal also???


Can I still do change of course as of today would it reflect


Someone told me that eksu would stop admitting student from 17th of December please how true is it


Please when is the deadline for change of course?


Please I saw not yet admitted on my admission status, please what do I do?

Anadi jane

Please my department and faculty is not showing after my change of course ,please what can I do


Jamb has given me admission to study psychology in eksu, but is yet to reflect on the school portal, and someone is saying is because I didn’t do change of course but I can’t do it now I’ve been admitted on jamb portal and have printed my admission letter .. please advice me


Sir, does of us that did change of institution to esku are we part of second batch list or we are also going to do change of course also for us to be offered admission


Allschool I appreciate you people for job well done, my boy has been given admition.Glory be to God almighty.


Those that chosed another institution and later change to eksu,will they consider them at the same time with those that chose them as their first choice starting from registration.


Please sir I want to change my course at eksu portal, I have done that on jamb…but I don’t know how it’s done on school portal, please I need ur help


I can’t find my details on eksu portal only my passport and big red dot I hope there is no problem


Pls my portal on eksu is totally blank and as of a few days ago it was admission in progress but now I can’t find any of my details


I saw “admission in progress” on my profile, what do I do?

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