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Courses you can study with D7, E8, or F9 in Literature-in-English

Courses you can study with D7, E8, or F9 in Literature-in-English. Candidates who failed Literature. See courses you can/cannot study

This page is strictly for those who failed their literature. Out of concern, I have researched the courses you can study with D7 in Literature. I will also list out courses you shouldn’t near!


Now let’s start!

NB: Most schools in Nigeria don’t require Literature-in English in the under-listed courses. However, there might be exceptions. If unsure, ask us.

Courses you can study with D7 in Literature-in-English.

They are:

  1. History and International Studies
  2. Archaeology and Tourism (you must have at least pass (D7) in Mathematics
  3. Fine and Applied Art
  4. Linguistics,
  5. Igbo Studies,
  6. Linguistics and Igbo Studies,
  7. Linguistics and Ibibio Studies,
  8. Linguistics and Hausa, and
  9. Linguistics and Yoruba,
  10. Music
  11. Accountancy (you must credit maths & economics)
  12. Marketing (you must credit maths & economics)
  13. Banking & Finance (you must credit maths & economics)
  14. Management (you must credit maths & economics)
  15. Estate Management (you must credit maths & economics)
  16. Architecture
  17. Urban and Regional Planning
  18. Geoinformatics
  19. Economics (you must credit maths & economics)
  20. Social Work
  21. Political Science
  22. Psychology
  23. Philosophy
  24. Geography (you must have at least pass in English
  25. Sociology and Anthropology

Courses you cannot Study with D7 in Literature

  1. Mass Communication
  2. Linguistics (major)
  3. Theater and Film Studies
  4. Foreign Languages and Literature

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What course can I study with this result
Eng C6
Marketing C6
Govt C4
Agric B3
Eco D7
Maths D7


I had 220 in jamb
I included literature in my utme
Which I had E8 in literature in weac 
But the rest of my result is very ok
    Can I get a chance of gaining admission in library science?


I have 212 in my jamb
Weac result_
Marketing_ B2
Crs_ A1
Government A1
Civic_ B2
English_ C4
Agric_ B2
Maths_ C6
My Jamb subject combination were
English, government, crs, literature.

I applied for library and information science.
Please sir do I have chances of getting admission?


I had 212 in my jamb
Weac result_ 
marketing_ B2
Civic edu_B2
My jamb combination subject were
English, government, crs, literature
 Please sir do I have chances of getting admission


Pls can I study law with D7 in literature?


Please can I study law with d7 in literature and maths and c4 in other subjects


Plz can someone gain admission into unizik with e8 in literature as an English Education student


What can I study with this result marketing c6 CR’s A1 economics b3 government c4 literature d7 civic b3 English c6 mathematics b3 biology c6

Atiba Elijah

Can i study civil law in oou with English mathematics literature in English economics and crs

Eguakun mathilda

Please I had f9 in literature and d7 in economics what course can I study using it

T Jemimah

Can i study english and literary studies with f9 at Benue state university?


I had 217 in my jamb
Waec result—
I didn’t tender my literature cause I had D7
Math c5
Eng C4
Sir am I good to study international studies in fuoye with the above result

Last edited 6 months ago by Anonymous
Etokhana Evans

Can I study International &relations with D7 in Literature and Geography??


Can I study theater and film studies with d7 in literature and economics


What can I study with this my results in University maths B2, English C6, literature E8, Government C4, economic C5, marketing C5, commerce B3, YorubaF9, Civic F9


Can I do quantity surveyor with d7 in math


Please can I study International Relations with D7 in literature


Please can I add literature in English d7 in jamb for political science


I wrote literature in jamb but got E8 in waec, can I get admission into unizik to study sociology?


What course can I do with this
English language


can I study fine and applied art with d7 in literature and government


I have this in my o’level result Math:b2 ,commerce b3, economics:C4, government D7,lit -in-eng E8, Civic:c6, English:c6, biology:C6 did I stand a. Chance of screening in LaSu can I want to study sociology

OK a for chinemerem

Pls sir what course can I use E8 in literature in English to study and do I have the chance of gaining admission

Somto Prosper

Please sir I didn’t put literature in my o’level can’t be offered history in unizik without literature in English


I have d7 in geography can i study economics


Please sir, does offa poly accept D7 in literature to study linguistic


Pls is it Compulsory that the Jamb combination should correspond to what I did and passed in Waec??,
Cause I don’t have economics in my waec and I got f9 in my literature in English but I wrote economics in my jamb and I want to study sociology??


Can I study Sociology in Unilag with Waec combination of
Civic education

Nd Jamb combo of

Pls is it Compulsory that the Jamb combination should correspond to what I did and passed in Waec??,
E.g my Government is not good in Waec but I’m writing it in Jamb

Tanimowo segun arinoye

Can I still do changing of course

Tanimowo segun arinoye

But I put the school for third choice

Tanimowo segun arinoye

Can I study agricultural technology in federal poly ado ekiti,I score 165 in my jamb. With this combination math, English,physic,and agric. But then I choose agricultural engineering.

Ohaka Chiamaka Excel

Can I study mass communication or political science In Last with the above results

Blair Esther

Can I study mass communication with
E8 in literature


Can I study library and information science with f9 in literature


I got d7 in English can I study Mass communication in ibarapa py


I got d7 in lit
Pls can I study law with that?


I credited all my subjects but got e8 in both literature and economic,do I have chances of studying philosophy,if no
What course can I study with such result


What course can I study with d7 in literature


Pls I got all accept literature d7 and I wrote GCE and Scored All expect English pls can I combine the two results

Grace George

Please I have d7 in literature can I study Guidance and counseling with it in funia

Ogunleye motunrayo

What cause can i study with e8 in lit


Good day Sir
Please I got an E in literature is it possible I can study political science in UNIPORT?

Aliyu usai

What can I study with this result sir, Eng c6,math c4,govt c6,geo d7,marketing c6,accounting d7,econs f9,civic d7,

Aliyu usai

Pls sir I have the intention of political science, and I got D7in my accounting and my econs is f9,is there any way forward


Can I gain admission in the delsu for business Administration,I had D7 in literature


I had D7 in government and literature, can I go for marketing

Nwaeze victor

Is there any hope for student who got painting and decorating e8

Jennifer Chioke

Can someone with dis result read law
Govt b3
Literature b3
Crk c6


I got all my c but d7 in lit can I go for mass com

Ojo tosin

Please sir I got e8 in literature but I have 6b and 2c. Can I study criminology in uniilorin or fuoye

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