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Are there Some Useless Courses in Nigeria Universities & Polytechnics???

Have you been wondering is a course is worth reading? Do you underestimate some people because of the course they are studying or have studied? This page will answer the most asked academic question: “Are there Courses that are Useless???” See the answer and other vital details on the subject mater.

useless courses in Nigeria

By Goodluck Lawrence Ndine.

Having gone through many posts and comments trending about some courses been not marketable (Only in Nigeria), I have realized that some so-called useless courses are only ‘useless’ in the eyes of those who don’t know about them. Some only de-market those courses either out of sheer stupidity or crass ignorance.

I thereby pick my notepad with the view to correcting and fill in some knowledge-gaps.

Permit me to start with a short but brief life story of mine.
I’m Lawrence. I hail from Rivers State. Formally a student of Bereton High School. One time Head boy and one of the best and award winning students in subjects like Government, History, Literature-In-English, Economics and Religious Studies.

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I attempted WASSCE three times and for two consecutive times I have failed all my so-called ‘best subjects’. I have also written Jamb, usually on Scholarship, applying into Laws in different universities, pass with high grades but no WASSCE to back it up. If you once know my story you’ll realize that I have been once tired of life. I applied for recruitment into the Nigerian Navy in a bid to end my life but was rejected.

Now, the turning point started when I did few things. First, I changed my mindset from Laws to other courses that soothe my talents, here, destiny was calling.

Secondly, I gave God my total dependence to lead me to a rightful career paths. I prayed and fasted and sought help knowing that some things are beyond the physical.

I enrolled for WASSCE again and I made distinction in all subjects except the ‘Most Required for Laws’ which is ‘Literature’ with a ‘Pass Grade’. I applied for Sociology and Anthropology in UNIBEN and made a high score in Jamb. I was over qualified for the department, so to speak.

My Jamb result was then ‘cancelled’ and I had to resit. So from ‘270’ I got to ‘238’. I went in for Post Utme, passed well, and I was granted admission into my desire course which is Sociology and Anthropology (that’s fate).

From my story you can learn the following:
a. Faith in God
b. Perseverance
c. Destiny can sometimes outshine your desires.
d. Failure is not final.
e. No matter how good you are, there’s something called grace.

Now, from Laws to Sociology and Anthropology, is it same as grace to grass? Consider my following thesis I deduced from my journey so far.

They are:

  1. Our Secondary Schools are not well equipped and organize for us to know beyond Laws, Medicine and Surgery and Engineering as potential courses to be studied in the University. Hereby making our students blind to the realities of 21st Century courses like Robotics, Photonics, Information Technology, Space Anthropology, Sociology, Photogrammetry etc
  2. That some courses we had held with high esteem in the high school such as International Studies & Diplomacy, that I even think with it you’re already an Ambassador, is nothing but an advanced form of Political Science and so no clear cut difference between the both. Please don’t misunderstand me. They’re both good and of equal value.
  3. That in this part of the world we worship names rather than works. Courses with convincing names are rushed after and not for what they do.
    For example a student can simply apply for International Laws and Jurisprudence in place of Public Laws or Business Laws as a result of how grand the name sounds. A student can reject Diplomacy simply for History & Diplomatic Studies. What’s the difference?
  4. That in my country, Nigeria, we cannot separate between what we need from what we want. Nigeria doesn’t need much of lawyers, Engineers and Medical Doctors as much as we need Chemists, Virologist, Pathologist, Administrators, IT Specialists, Micro-Biologists, Physicists etc. In the globalized world like the USA, students of Global Studies which is what schools like Harvard, Cambridge call Sociology are highly sought after. Even companies in Nigeria will only grant scholarships to Petroleum Engineers in lieu of Economists, Accountants, Data Analyst, Meteorologists etc. Of which help have they been so far?
  5. That the so-called useless courses are hotcakes abroad. In fact, graduates with a degree in Human Resource Management and Business Studies are highly valued than Lawyers and Medical Doctors.
  6. That you won’t know the importance of a course until you study them deeply. I’m a testimony to that. In fact I later realized that in some schools, Sociology is a must for Law Students and that with my knowledge of Criminology, Deviance and Sociology of Laws that I can beat a lawyer in knowledge to a standstill. Many courses like Medicine, Engineering and Laws are single disciplines and that is why they don’t know much beyond their fields. A lawyer cannot be taken to head a Government Parastatals or a Company. Humanities courses are those who head such and are administrators. Lawyers are taken as legal advisers.
    A law student engaged me for an argument and I asked him if he knows anything about Autopsy and if he can perform it or work as a Coroner and he couldn’t answer which I replied him thus: We are all relevant in our fields. In your own field, you’re a specialist but in mine you become an apprentice. Timaya said, “when you come close you will notice”.

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  1. No courses are useless.
  2. Nigeria is the problem and not the courses.
  3. Some courses one studies is by our destiny and God’s plan or will for our lives and not by choice.
  4. Some courses like Laws are about going extinct with ground breaking research in the sciences. For example, with Judgement Detecting Machine, what can lawyers argue? Robots are created to do almost all man’s works and they are easy to operate; they just require diesel and not salaries. They don’t complain. So who won’t hire machines and leave humans? Therefore the hotcakes are those courses whose roles cannot be replaced by machines. Especially Behavioural Sciences and Humanities because in every sciences, there is humanities and in every humanities there is sciences. Anthropologist E.E Evans-Pritchard once has this to say to Historians, “That someday History will be left with no other choice but to become Anthropology or nothing”.
  5. Courses are not useless but your views can be useless because you’re myopic.

The Golden Saying by Goodluck Lawrence Ndine states: The Only Pathetic sides about arguments are those given by those who knows nothing about them.

Therefore, don’t let any person not in your field to teach you the relevance or irrelevance of your field. It’s an error. We are all unique with our special abilities.

If some courses were more prominent than others then God won’t have given each of us our special abilities. Be proud of who you are and what you are studying.

Remember, what is money other than a piece of paper if not the value on the paper currency? Give your course your own value. Don’t even allow your lecturers, parents and failed graduates of your discipline to teach you the wrong values for you and them aren’t same.. Your destiny goes beyond the shores of Nigeria.

Article Written by:
Goodluck Lawrence Ndine,
A Sociologist, Writer, Public Speaker and a Global Citizen.

Writing to you on behalf of the pen!!!

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Ike Uleko Happiness



Please sir how can I get putme admission form


I was told technology education is a bad course 🥺

Nelly yama

Pls I was given political science to study in the university people are saying it’s a useless course I am very scared and bothered.

Chiazor Blessing

While waiting for the second batch list is it important to change the admission portal type to supplementary rather than regular


Your word remains 4ever in my brain and fill the unknown gap


Thanks for the information is will helpful but I have a question what course can I take in exchange for history and international studies

Onuchukwu Sammy

I love this write up. U really inspired me 😍

Ajayi olasunkanmi

I pray may the admission time favor me oo in Jesus name amen

Samuel Junior

Thanks for your speech. It really helped


When will jamb updates their portal please


Does any university started giving admission yet ?.


Lovely thanks for the encouragement

Ariyo Ayodeji

Thanks for the word of encouragement.

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