Advice to All Newly Admitted Students (MUST READ)

Here is an advice to All Newly Admitted Students. Its a MUST READ as it’s secret to be a better student!

secret to be a better student

For most of you that have started lecturers, by now, am pretty sure the feelings you had the first day you saw your name on the list is different from now that you’ve tested college life.

In the former, you were very very happy! You felt like dancing shaku-shaku, gwara-gwara or zanku. But in the latter, you’re feeling tired. The waking up by 5/6 in the morning, the going for 7.00am lectures and coming back by 6.00pm, the eating once or twice in a day, the struggling of seat in lecture hall, the everything, might have made you wonder “is this the admission that made me happy”.

Well, I want you to know that YOU’RE NOT STRANGE! Almost every-other student (2nd year and above) felt the same way.


Dear freshers, please be informed that there are lots of things that will distract you from your studies but please stay focused.

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As cliche as this might sound “your success as a student starts from year one“. Decide now what you want!

If you want first class or distinction, that’s cool! WORK towards it. See also: 10 Secrets to Making Straight A’s in Higher Institution.

If you want to be a musician, comedian, blogger, programmer, Public speaker, Activist, fashion designer, real estate expert, Politician, etc, you can start that as a student.

Look for students who are already successful in that field and make them mentor/friends. But make sure it doesn’t distract you from graduating with your dream result.

While settling your mind for a result you want to graduate with, be informed that most organizations/companies accepts a minimum of second class lower (2:2) or its equivalent for employment. Some do insist on Second Class upper (2:1) or its equivalent as minimum.

If you want to graduate with at least second class lower or lower credit, DO NOT WORK TOWARDS SECOND CLASS LOWER. This is because you will eventually graduate with Third class or pass.

Its recommended that you set your target to SECOND CLASS UPPER or UPPER CREDIT. This way even if you miss what you’re working for, you will graduate with your dream result.

This also applies to second class upper (2:1) or UPPER CREDIT aspirants. Don’t read for that, READ FOR FIRST CLASS or DISTINCTION and if it doesn’t work out, you will graduate with your dream result.

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How to Know the Result you will graduate with.

If you get parallel A in all your courses, THEN YOU ARE IN FIRST CLASS / DISTINCTION (and most times will graduate as the best in your department/faculty/SCHOOL)

If you get most of A’s and few B’s you are still in FIRST CLASS / DISTINCTION.

If you get few of A’s, most of B’s and few C’s then you’re in second class upper or UPPER CREDIT. Sometimes you will still be in same category if you get some D’s.

However, If you have very few A’s, few B’s most of C’s and D’s you’re a Second Class Lower or LOWER CREDIT student.

If after your FIRST YEAR RESULT you’re in already in your ”dream result” then try to maintain it. If you’re below it try to work harder!

Finally, try learn some other things aside your area of specialization. THIS WILL HELP YOU IN LABOUR MARKET.

If you’re a Christian, then remember to commit all your activities/aspirations into God’s hands… HE WILL SURELY SEE YOUR THROUGH. THAT WHICH is difficult for you, He will make it easy!

If you’re not a Christian, then pray to what you believe in and pray he blesses you effort

The Allschool Team prays your beautiful dreams comes true!

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Please do you think it is still possible to enrol for 2019/2021 masters program?

Abdullahi Ibrahim

When will the pg form be available again?


When will the form be out

Omoyajowo Omosewa Anjola

Please sir/ma, I scored 237 in Jamb and my O-Level result at one sitting.
Can I get admission in Unilorin.

Temidayo Olumakinju

Please do you think I can be admitted for Masters in English studies? I had pass in mathematics I waec and I graduated with 2:2 in English education.


please when is the deadline of the dnp form

Adelakun Timileyin

please i need reply urgently

Adelakun Timileyin

please is ND post utme form for saki still out

Adelakun Timileyin

please is Saki poly post utme ND form still out

Mubarak Rabiu

when will 2020 jamb registration will begin?

Bamidele Najeeb Sheu

How Can I No The Date Of My Exam. For Nd In Oke Ogun Poly For 2019/2020

Edwin Ovigue

Please What can one study with Pass in English, Geography and Literature? Neco Result?


If one is admitted to study law what are the helpful things to do in order to be improved.


If some gained an admission to study mass com.
While they are not perfect to communication in english what they has to do to improve their skills????

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