22-Year-Old Student Raises N26m for Homeless Man Who Gave Her N1706 to Get Home When She Was Stranded

A man’s continuous act of kindness has brought about a life-changing gesture his way as a result of rendering help to a stranger.
The homeless man had offered his last N1706 to a stranded 22-year-old university student to get home.

The young lady was surprised by his selflessness and raised the sum of N26 million for the kind man

A man moved from being homeless to having millions thanks to an act of kindness he showed a lady in distress.

Understanding Compassion reports that the homeless man named Robbie offered N1706 to a lady who had lost her ATM card after a night outing and lacked the means to get home.

Homeless man helps stranded university student with his last N1706, she raises N26m for him in appreciation
The university student was touched by the man’s act of kindness Photo Credit: Understanding Compassion

The money, though little, happened to be Robbie’s last at that time. The amazed university student identified as Dominique Harrison-Bentzen turned down the offer and found her way home.

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She sought for the man the following week

Dominique searched for the man the following week and learnt of his plight and how he still rendered help notwithstanding, this further melted her heart.

The student was said to have launched a campaign on a donation page to raise money for Robbie, Understanding Compassion reports.

The effort proved successful beyond expectation as she had only wanted to raise N284,000 but got N26 million as people were touched by Robbie’s kind personality.

Source: Legit.Ng

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